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The Afghanistan Analysts Network: What The Netty-Tubes Are For

Posted on | March 15, 2011 | 1 Comment

by Smitty

Now and then you find a trove of genuinely useful references on the Internet. As I sit in Bagram at the Green Bean, surrounded by stunning mountains, wondering what the place will be like in a few decades, it’s good to encounter something actually helpful in understanding the situation.
Those interested in learning something more about what the US is dealing with, peruse AAN.
For my take, there are many sincere people working very hard trying to get the hang of this nation building thing. Not to diminish the blood and treasure already invested, but the country needs to think really, REALLY hard about the goals and objectives we’re trying to attain here, as well as the possibility that we could emerge with fuzz-all to show for it.
We can lead the Afghans to water, but the minority who’d prefer dying of thirst to a drink from the infidel have an input, too.


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