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Anyone Else Shocked That One Election Didn’t Magically Fix Everything?

Posted on | March 16, 2011 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

Insty links the Examiner about the Dems being Muhammed Ali, letting the GOP wear themselves out before delivering a knockout. I don’t think the analogy has much going for it. The Progressive position itself looks more like this old Harry Reid pose behind Rep. Sonny Bono (R-IP)


Sonny Bono and Harry Reid, an immortal combination

The 2010 election has been called a restraining order. As a squid, I am bound by character to point out that the ship of state has been cruising with left standard rudder on for, oh, a century. We’re way off Constitutional course. 2010 really didn’t give us rudder amidships, much less anything right of center. We’re still set to stack up on Socialist shoals.

The ones that hate our guts are betting on a lack of will/attention span/commitment to liberty from the Tea Partiers. That’s why they continue to piss down the public back while rejoicing in the precipitation. I, for one, hope that HotAir publishes a book with a title along the lines of “Obamaturisms: a Cacaphony of Cock-Ups” next spring, to celebrate three complete years of the Mad Ass-Hatter on parade. Such a tome, annotated with historical ties to the preceding century, would be a helpful reminder to the electorate that This. Crap. Must. Halt. Conservatives need to double down in their efforts both to reform the GOP and to convince the Left that their ideas are as desirable in contemporary America as those of the Loyalists during the Revolutionary War.


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