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Note To Tim Pawlenty: Ladd Ehlinger

Posted on | March 17, 2011 | 10 Comments

by Smitty

SOL/Puffington Host
reports that Governor Pawlenty has retained some Canuck named Baiano to improve the cut of his jib:

Lucas Baiano, a 23-year-old former Hillary Clinton supporter, is Canadian-born and dresses in perfectly-starched white shirts, slim-fitting sports jackets and tight designer jeans.

His job is to make Pawlenty appear larger than life. And he’s good at it.

I don’t know what unplugged knob of a consultant argued for that call, but how did you overlook His Laddness, the Laddage, the Guy With The Ladd Attitude?

This is not the time for ‘Minnesota Nice’, Governor. The country is on the ropes. Full tilt boogie, sir.

Update: Now, I guess you can logically assert that ‘full tilt boogie’ might imply playing the Dale Peterson card. But it need not necessarily do that. Without resorting to a firearm, for example, Tim Pawlenty could be dressed in hockey gear and doing a high-speed slalom down the ice with a puck through a forest of teleprompters. Quotations from any Barely Honest Onager that comes to mind could be scrolling up the prompters as Pawlenty maneuvers. After navigating them, Pawlenty faces a lone goalie. Pawlenty does a sliding, lunging shot on goal and scores.
He gets up and collects himself, and skates over to the goalie. The goalie removes his mask, revealing Wayne Gretzky.
Gretzky: “Yeah, that was OK, but stick to politics.”


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