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Wombat Down!

Posted on | March 17, 2011 | 16 Comments

We apologize for the absence of the usual “Live at Five” feature that goes up at 5 a.m. Monday through Friday. Between his demanding day job and various offline hassles, Wombat’s worked himself into a state of exhaustion during the past week. So at about 9 p.m. Wednesday night, he sent an e-mail saying he was going to take some Tylenol and sleep for about 12 hours. While praying for his swift recovery, a partial rundown of the top news:

U.S. Officials Alarmed By Japanese Handling of Nuclear Crisis

U.S. seeking evacuations from Japan  — The official government position is now, “PANIC!”

Hillary Clinton won’t serve second term — Somebody else will have to wear the red nose and floppy shoes at Obama’s State Department.

Washington Post apologizes for plagiarized articles — Editors knew something was wrong; the articles were suspiciously factual.

Jodie Foster declares ‘love’ for Mel Gibson (but probably not that way).

John Hinckley vows to kill Mel Gibson — These are the jokes, people. Surely you didn’t expect me to resist a punchline opportunity like that, did you?

My 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Favorite Jonas Brother Attempts Solo Career — That would be Joe, of course.

Wall Street in Meltdown Over Japanese Crisis

Adrienne’s Catholic Corner has been enjoying the recent blog war over “feminism.”

Ace of Spades is all over the GOP budget wars.

Jimmie Bise Jr. was on a conference call with my 12-year-old son’s favorite presidential candidate — That would be Herman Cain, of course.

And, our final update: Charlie Sheen Is Still Crazy.

You see how lame is my attempt to compile a daily morning round-up. Not nearly up to the usual “Live at Five” standards, and at least one joke bad enough for Gilbert Gottfried. So we certainly hope for Wombat’s immediate recuperation.


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