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Rule 5 Sunday: Sweater Puppy Madness!

Posted on | March 20, 2011 | 9 Comments

-compiled by Wombat-Socho

Having only today escaped from the friendly (but Intertubeless) confines of the local VA Medical Center, I am bemused to see that many of this week’s link submissions seem to revolve around the phrase cited above. Great minds thinking alike? Who knows? Maybe not, since Mind-Numbed Robot was Patient Zero of the Sweater Puppy Pandemic, followed mere minutes later by Three Beers Later. At this point, an odd temporal inversion caused this vintage video to appear before the latter post, followed in its turn by a Mamie Van Doren SweaterVision presentation. Last but certainly not least, Maggie’s Notebook presents Natalie Gulbis, who apparently wastes time on golf in between tasteful bikini outings, and the Kansas University cheerleaders, some of whom wear sweaters in a most pleasing manner.

Getting away from sweaters and their fillings for now, Fishersville Mike has news about Kaley Cuoco and her doings, with suitable illustration. Speaking of new movies, the POH diaries notes that Kate Beckinsale has one coming out as well.

Soylent Green has a hot babe in a cool straitjacket for your consideration, and quite the interesting spread for Feral Friday, to say nothing of these vernal vixens.

Speaking of things green, Nation of Cowards wishes to inform us that Karissa Shannon’s Bikini wishes us a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Two birds, one stone: Jerseynut links back to ToM and celebrates Rule 5 simultaneously with this post on Khloe Kardashian.

Dustbury takes us back to the past and the prime of Miss Ann Sothern. Nice chassis, indeed! Also, the only funny line ever delivered during the Comedy Central Roasts and the gal what delivered it. Also, Chaz, the answer to Ms. Deschanel is always yes. How could you doubt it?

Proof Positive gets belated FMJRA credit for his link to last week’s Rule 5 Monday post before getting fresh Rule 5 cred with Maureen O’Hara and Gemma Atkinson

Who knew you could see NASCAR from the beach?

Because our trackback software apparently hates him, I make this feeble attempt to recognize Frequent Commenter & Linker Bob Belvedere by giving him the all-important cleanup spot in the lineup. This week, he treats us to Laura Richmond, NCAA Sweater Puppies, Leeann Tweeden of Red Eye, a fine collection of Rule 5 material, and finally, some St. Patrick’s Day Rule 5. Ladies and gentlemen, a hand for the master!

Thanks to all for their kind wishes regarding my recovery. Send your submissions for next week’s Rule 5 Sunday to Rule 5 Wombat.


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