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Roxeanne de Luca Writes About Feminism, Sex and Virginity

Posted on | March 26, 2011 | 14 Comments

In her role as guest-blogger at Camp of the Saints, Roxeanne explains the difficulties of being A Woman Who Disagrees With “Pro-Sex” Feminists:

I got excoriated . . . .because I suggested that premarital sex is not an achievement and is about as novel as not wearing a hoop skirt. When I said that premarital sex is about as rebellious against men as is giving extra money to the IRS to protest excess government spending, it was on. No turning back. It was full-on chastity shaming from the “pro-woman feminists”, who said that (inter alia) only repressive religions and the Victorian era make us think that there’s something wrong with sex, that it’s not an achievement to be a virgin until marriage, and that prohibitions on random sex are all about repressing women’s rampant sexuality. Oh, I also don’t know that women like sex, too, am denying sexual agency to women, and I have hang-ups.

Read the whole thing.

(NOTE: This post edited to omit admittedly disastrous humor attempt. My sincere apologies. — RSM)


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