The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Feminists vs. Roxeanne’s Vagina

Roxeanne de Luca resents having her saintly ladyparts invoked by feminists as a political argument in service of a cause she entirely rejects: Robertson’s description of the modern left’s version of feminism [as a movement that “encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians”] is eerily accurate. […]

A Pansy-Assed Apology: ‘You Christians Are Too Christian, and Not Gay Enough’

Over the weekend, Dan Savage’s attack on Christianity became an online sensation — strange, how these coincidences happen — to the point that he felt obliged to issue an apology for a dishonest new defense of his hateful bigotry: Because the Bible says things Dan Savage doesn’t like, you must reject God and obey Dan […]

Roxanne Doesn’t Have To Turn On The Red Lights. She Does Anyway; Dad Didn’t Teach Her Otherwise

by Smitty No, I don’t mean Roxeanne de Luca specifically. Or prostitution in the Secret Service sense. I mean, emphasis mine: Now, let’s cut through the drivel: play-acting at being married with someone to whom you have not committed will delay that commitment, or finding the person you really want to commit to. Acting like […]

Dammit, Smitty! How Many Times Must I Tell You, ‘No Quarter to Feminists’?

HOLLIS, N.H. The sun is shining this morning in New Hampshire, but the shadows of gloom still threaten to swallow my soul. First, I couldn’t get a “Roll Tide” from Rick Santorum and now . . . Et tu, Smitty? “Roxeanne gets me thinking with this one,” indeed! The redheaded temptress has evidently beguiled and confused […]

Fun Gerbils

by Smitty Roxanne gets me thinking with this one: Now, I suspect that the retort is “That’s not what I meant by fungible,” but that leads us to the question: in what way are men fungible with each other but not with women? Can we really not take a male scientist and replace him with […]

Watch Me Go SoCon: Does Tiger Woods Really Affect My Social Life?

by Smitty I’m going to chock this up to my thick-headed inability to understand, but I really don’t get this (emphasis original): I’ve been shrieking this from the rooftops for years now: other women’s sexual choices affect my sexual and dating choices. Women who sleep around set an expectation for men, and then reinforce that […]

Roxeanne de Luca Writes About Feminism, Sex and Virginity

In her role as guest-blogger at Camp of the Saints, Roxeanne explains the difficulties of being A Woman Who Disagrees With “Pro-Sex” Feminists: I got excoriated . . . .because I suggested that premarital sex is not an achievement and is about as novel as not wearing a hoop skirt. When I said that premarital […]

Da Tech Guy on Da Radio 5 p.m. ET

During this year’s campaign in Massachusetts, the Blogfather of the Axis of Fedora began making occasional appearances on WCRN-AM 830, a 50,000-watt news/talk powerhouse in Worcester. After talking to the station management, Pete realized that a weekend show was a feasible proposition, hustled up advertisers to support it and will debut his own show today […]

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