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LIVE AT FIVE – 04.07.11

Posted on | April 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

President Holds Late-Night Budget Talks To Avoid Shutdown

Coming back from his real job of campaigning...

White House meeting includes Senate Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Boehner

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Effort Begins To Head Off Gas Explosion At Fukushima Reactor
Nitrogen being injected into Unit #1

Wisconsin Supreme Court Vote Doesn’t Shake Walker’s Resolve
Governor says results only confirm that Wisconsin is a divided state

Number Of Non-white Children In LA Area Declines, Bucking Trend

The headcounting starts being translated into political change

“It’s no longer white flight; it’s middle-class flight,” study author says.
New Jersey Prepares New Redistricting Map In Test Of Latino Political Strength

Obama Turns To Sharpton In Effort To Woo Black Voters

Obama Promotes Energy Policy At Wind Turbine Plant

ACORN Pleads Guilty In Nevada Voter Fraud Case

Australian Dollar Surges To New High On Jobs Bump
Enron’s Skilling Denied New Trial
Dish Network Expands Its Scope With Blockbuster Win
Most US Stocks Close Higher As Takeovers Outweigh Tech Decline
Motorola Xoom Not Zooming Off Shelves
Online Security: Bad And Getting Worse

Kylie Irving Going Pro Excellent News For Lottery Teams

Duke point guard could be the first choice for many teams

Guard going pro comes as a relief to GMs as many players hold off for fear of NBA lockout

Brady, Manning No-Show At Hearing Hurts Players

Rockets’ Playoff Hopes Take Devastating Blow

Howard, Phillies Lay Beatdown On Mets

Ward’s Shutout Of Red Wings Keeps Hurricanes’ Hopes Alive

Defense Rests In Barry Bonds Trial

Hernandez Takes Tough Loss For M’s As Rangers Remain Unbeaten

Alec Baldwin Says “30 Rock” Is Ending Next Season

Alec Baldwin

Tina Fey’s contract is also up at the end of 2012, and Baldwin says she’s not coming back either. Also, she’s preggers.

Mariska Hargitay Adopts A Baby

Matt Lauer Leaving “Today Show”

MPAA Pulls “Hangover: Part II” Trailer Form Theaters

“Jersey Shore” Trip To Italy Delayed

Robert Redford Returns To Baseball As Branch Rickey In Jackie Robinson Biopic

Universal Offers Hugh Jackman Huntsman Role In Snow White Movie

Javier Bardem Closes Deal To Star In “Dark Tower” Movies, Mini-series

NATO Accuses Gaddafi Forces Of Using Human Shields
Ouattara Forces Lay Siege To Gbagbo’s Bunker
Portugal’s Caretaker Government Seeks Bailout
Italy Bears Brunt Of Europe’s Immigration Crisis
US Says Iran Meddling In Bahrain

National Review: Reid Has Tantrum On Senate Floor Over GOP Continuing Resolution
Neo-Neocon: On Ryan’s Budget, Let The Games Begin
Daily Mail: Pals Claim John Edwards Suicidal At Thought Of Jail
Yid With Lid: Saudis So Unhappy With Obama, They’re Expanding Friendships With PRC, Russia
American Power: Bachmann Says, “We Have A Very Strong Opportunity To Make Obama A One-Term President”

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