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Eating Crow About Sprinklerman

Posted on | April 14, 2011 | 10 Comments

by Smitty

Indeed, Boehner’s great big little cuts seem hardly a cause for capillary bleeding. The anti-Boehner chorus was a tad too shrill, in my estimate. Then again, I had relatively low expectations for the 112th Congress.

You have to understand that our Ruling Class overlords still expect Americans to balk at the pain of any real political chemotherapy. Hence Boehner’s shenanigans. Still, one can’t talk trash at this level without being willing to eat crow:


Da Tech Guy opines:

If Boehner is throwing away the trust of the activists who got him that chair then the GOP will deserve all that they get from it.

Forced to admit Riehl is spot on here:

The GOP has been reluctant to go after Obama as hard as he does them all the way back to 2008. Short of Sarah Palin being elected as a Representative from Alaska tomorrow and then elected Speaker the day after that, I’m hard pressed to see a way for things to change given current leadership.
Part of it may have to do with race, some of it may be traditional GOP fears of losing media battles, still more of it may come from weak and shriveled old GOP hands in Washington too long, who believe business as usual is going to get done in Washington the way it always has. It isn’t.

My gut is that the GOP is timid because they know the jig is up but do not know the reliability of the Tea Parties.


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