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LIVE AT FIVE – 04.14.11

Posted on | April 14, 2011 | 5 Comments

Obama’s Tax Increase Proposal Hits The Wall

Tax increase dead on departure, never mind arrival

GOP leadership unanimously condemns tax increase proposals

Japan’s Nuclear Watchdog Says Other Options May Be Needed At Fukushima
Difficulty of removing radioactive water impeding cleanup

Rick Santorum Announces Exploratory Committee
Is Harold Stassen still dead?

Jersey Voters Don’t Want Christie Running For President Either

Governor Christie discusses his education propsals at the Brookings Institution

He said he doesn’t want to run, and two-thirds of NJ registered voters agree he shouldn’t

Top Corporate Leaders Urge Governors To Quit Poaching Businesses

Fast-Food Managers Accused Of Selling Stolen Identities

Obama Lays Out Plan For Cutting Medicaid, Medicare

Gates Orders DoD Review To Find $400 Billion In Cuts

JP Morgan Chase Posts Record First Quarter Earnings
US Foreclosure Settlement Muddies Waters For Mortgage Relief
Asian Stocks And Copper Drop On Concern Over Singapore Tightening
PC Shipments Drop In First Quarter; Tablets Not The Only Reason
US Retail Sales Up For Ninth Straight Month As Job Market Brightens
Mossberg: RIM’s Playbook Tablet Too Tied To Blackberry Phones
WinPhone 7 Mango Update Brings Multitasking & Speed

Bonds Guilty On Obstruction; Mistrial Declared On Perjury Charges

Bonds: "There's nothing to celebrate."

Jury fails to reach verdict on three perjury charges; Feds undecided on retrial

Kobe Bryant Fined $100K For Cussing Out Ref

Semin Steps Up In OT, Leads Caps Past Rangers 2-1

Red Wings Seize Momentum, Take First Game 4-2

Mathis’ Sac Fly In 12th Gives Angels Win Over Tribe, Snaps Indians’ Winning Streak

Marlins’ Johnson Takes No-Hitter Into 8th As Fish Beat Braves 5-1

Catherine Zeta-Jones Being Treated For Bipolar Disorder

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Bipolar II aggravated by stress of husband Michael’s cancer fight

Scarlett Johansson Moves In With Sean Penn

Jennifer Lopez: “Being Beautiful Is Part Of My Job”

Lady Gaga: The Harper’s Bazaar Interview

Rihanna Not Joining “X Factor”

Product Placement Fail: Billboard For “The Walking Dead” On Side Of UK Funeral Parlour

Harry Potter Actors Engaged

Charlie Sheen Bailed Out By Pauly D In Boston?

Jenifer Aniston And Bradley Cooper Reconnecting?

NATO Allies Split Over Scope Of Air Attacks In Libya
BRICS Leaders See Commodity Price Volatility As Threat To Growth
With Gbagbo Gone, Ivory Coast Is Reviving
Economic Issues Key In Nigerian Presidential Vote
Rival Military Factions Clash In Yemen

Riehl World View: Who Put The Tea In NRO’s Kool-aid?
Clive Crook: Obama’s Speech Was A Waste Of Breath
Cubachi: Ryan Says President’s Speech “Hopelessly Inadequate”
Moe Lane: Raise Your Own Damned Taxes
Power Line: The Mask Slips, Falls to The Ground, Explodes
Zilla Of The Resistance: A Little Note About Comments

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