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LIVE AT FIVE – 04.21.11

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Two Western Photojournalists Die In Misrata

Tim Hetherington, co-director of "Restrepo"

Killed by loyalist RPG fire

Oscar-nominated Hetherington dies in Misrata

Obama Tells Facebook Friends GOP Budget Will Punish Poor
Calls Ryan’s proposal radical

LA County Supervisor Calls For O’Malleys To Return, Take Charge Of Dodgers
Suggestion follows MLB seizing control of team, ousting Frank McCourt

Homeland Security Scraps Color-Coded Terror Alerts

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announces new alert scheme

Alerts now to be posted on Facebook and Twitter

Contractors’ Political Contributions Targeted

Air Traffic Controllers Fired For Sleeping

Mitt Romney: The Anti-Trump

Wisconsin Court Election Heads For Recount

Malloy, CT Legislative Leaders Reach Budget Agreement

Oklahoma Governor Signs Late-Term Abortion Ban

BP Sues Transocean To Recover Billions Spent On Gulf Cleanup
Asian Markets Boosted By US Earnings
DOT To Impose New Airline Passengers Rights On Airlines
Investors Fuel Sales Jump In Existing Homes
Dollar Falls To 15-Month Low Against Euro
Wells Fargo 1Q Net Up 48% As Revenue Declines
Your IPhone Is Tracking You. Should You Care?
Amazon To Add Library Lending To Kindle
Intel CEO: x86 Soon To Be Dripping With Honeycomb Goodness

Commissioner Strips Dodgers From McCourt, MLB To Assume Day-to-Day Operations

Former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, some broke-ass schmuck

McCourt’s out of money and Selig’s out of patience after owner got prohibited loan from Fox to meet payroll

Mediation Between NFL, Players Off Until May 16

Thunder Bury Nuggets, Cruise To 2-0 Lead

Miller Shuts Out Flyers Again As Sabres Tie Series At 2

Rockies Win Big Over Giants At Coors, 10-2

Mets Fall To Astros For Ninth Loss In Ten Games

Utah Attorney General To File Suit Against BCS

Weird Al Yankovic Talks About The Lady Gaga Saga

Weird Al Yankovic and his weapon of choice

“Perform This Way” greenlighted by Gaga after her manager initially refused permission

Lindsay Lohan Out As Victoria Gotti

Demi Lovato: I Have Bipolar Disorder

Lauren Bush: An American Princess

Rebecca Black Under Police Protection After Death Threats

Kanye West’s Charity Closes

Tyler Perry On His Critics: “Spike Lee Can Go Straight To Hell”

Lady Gaga Calls Madonna Plagiarism Charges “Retarded”

Ben Affleck Can’t Do “The Great Gatsby”

Inferior Arms Hobble Libyan Rebels
France Joins UK In Sending Military Officers To Libya (Video)

Security Forces Deploy In Homs As Protests Continue
Vote Results Tap Nigeria’s Tensions
Violence Spreads In Yemen As Foreign Diplomats Try To Resolve Crisis
Asylum Seekers Torch Australian Detention Centre In Night Of Rioting
Abidjan Endures Continuing Fighting Between Rival Militias

LifeNews: Papa John’s, Huggies & Vanguard Pull Ads From Wonkette In Wake Of Post Attacking Trig Palin
Riehl World News: Wonkette’s Ken Layne Can’t Stop Digging, Ups The Ante
Kevin Williamson: Paul Ryan, Hypocrite?
Protein Wisdom: Obama Officials Tried To Convince S&P Not To Issue Credit Warning
Rightwing Nuthouse: Deficit Ghost Riders
Power Line: Communicating With Employees? The Horror!
Newsbusters: Breitbart – “You’re Insinuating I’m Racist, Which Is What MSNBC Does To Conservatives Every Day”
Mudville Gazette: Hearing The Dogs (Of War) That Don’t Bark

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