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LIVE AT FIVE – 04.26.11

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Ukraine Marks 25th Anniversary Of Chernobyl Disaster (Video)

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to visit Chernobyl today

550 million euros raised for new containment shield

Syrian Crackdown Moves Into Brutal New Phase
Bodies in the streets as Assad sends in the tanks

Trump Flames DeNiro, Obama
Actor “not the brightest bulb on the tree”; President “a bad student” who probably didn’t belong at Columbia or Harvard

Haley Barbour Drops Out

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

Admits to not having the “all-consuming fire in the belly” needed for candidacy

Judge Walker’s Prop 8 Ruling Contested

NY Leads Pack In Welfare Benefits

Boehner Considers Cutting Oil Tax Breaks

Ron Paul Forms 2012 Exploratory Committee

Lawyer Quits Firm After Firm Withdraws From DOMA Defense

Dollar Edges Lower As Market Awaits Fed Meeting
IMF: PRC’s Economy Set To Surpass US In 2016
NYSE Increases Estimate Of Savings In Deutsche Boerse Deal
Gold, Silver Down Slightly In Asian Trading
State Retirement Funds Short $1.26 Trillion
House Presses Apple & Google On Location-Tracking Practices
Sony To Introduce Android Tablets in Late 2011
Ten Reasons The Nook Color Can’t Compete With The IPad & Kindle

Judge Issues Order Ending NFL Lockout

Judge Nelson orders end to lockout

Owners to appeal to Eighth Circuit

Time On Celtics’ Side Between Series

Sharks Eliminate Kings, Lightning Ties Penguins At 3

Joe “The Jet” Perry Dies, 84

Grizzlies One Away From Eliminating Spurs

Jered Weaver Joins Elite With Shutout Of A’s

Ex-President Of Rangers Hired To Oversee Dodgers

Lohan’s Community Service: Toilet Brushes & Dead People

Lohan free on bail, but community service starts now

Star to do her service at womens’ center, county coroner’s office

Ryan Philippe Tired Of Celebrity

Dirtbag Loser Writes Tell-All About Palins

Prince Harry To Squire Chelsea Davy To Royal Wedding

Johnny Depp Confirmed For “21 Jump Street” Cameo

Former Member Of Destiny’s Child Arrested

Kevin James Welcomes First Son

Olivia Munn, Alison Pill Being Considered For Aaron Sorkin HBO Project; Marisa Tomei Closes In On Lead Role

Libyan Rebels Under Siege Despite Successes
Afghan Prison Break Could Lead To Military & Political Setbacks
Sri Lanka War Crimes: Main Allegations
Anti-Corruption Investigators Strike Again At India’s Political Elite
Aussie PM Gillard Presses PRC On Rights While Seeking Increased Trade
Nigeria To Elect State Governors Amid Continuing Violence
Wikileaks Files: Pakistan’s ISI Spy Service Designated As Terrorist Agency
Sarkozy, Berlusconi To Meet Amid Immigration, Merger Tensions

Legal Insurrection: MSM Doesn’t Have Haley Barbour To Kick Around Any More
Riehl World View: Trump Idiocy – Claims Birtherism Is A Tea Party Issue

Power Line: The Left Politicizes The Practice Of Law
Jawa Report: “Christian” President Fails To Recognize Easter
Lonely Conservative: Note To Speaker Boehner…
Jammie Wearing Fool: Newsflash – Rachel Maddow “Top US News Anchor”, “MSNBC Has No Political Agenda”
Michelle Malkin: No SCOUTS Fast Track For Obamacare Lawsuit
Mudville Gazette: The Hurting

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