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Rule 5 Sunday: The Marshall Plan

Posted on | May 1, 2011 | 9 Comments

We begin this week’s Rule 5 roundup with a submission from last week that I recovered from the spam filter too late for last week’s Rule 5 Sunday. Let us now contemplate nature with That Mr. G Guy, who submitted this pic of a cougar asleep in a tree.

The POH Diaries sent in this post with Taylor Schilling, currently starring in Atlas Shrugged, and if you haven’t seen it yet, why not? Not content with that, he also submitted links for Lucy Pinder, Neve Campbell, and a meditation on Ye Olde Upskirt Traffic*.

Postaldog seems to be taking Rule 5 to its logical conclusion by featuring said content in pretty much every post. NTTAWWT! Fishersville Mike, on the other hand, goes for quality over quantity with this post on 1980-vintage Jaclyn Smith . Randy’s Roundtable brings us Katie Richmond (is it just me, or does she look like a young Victoria Jackson?) and Shauna Sand.

Meanwhile, Soylent Green (pretty much all NSFW all the time, as if you needed to be told by now) brings us beavers along with the usual bunnies at Easter, presents Sharae Spears as the Monday Motivationer, a midweek shower break, Dasha Astafieva, Not Quite A Corset Firday, and something about an Iron P3nis. O_o

Apparently there was a Royal Wedding in the UK this past week. and the Rio Norte Line thoughtfully provides a Royally Hot Rule 5 Post featuring various attractive princesses, one of which is NSFW but the remainder of which are quite tasteful. Eye of Polyphemus turns his attention to a quite different product of Merrie Olde England, Dr. Who – or more correctly, the current Doctor’s sidekick, played by the rather cute Karen Gillan. Love the icon change, sir.

Proof Positive’s Vintage Babe this week is Ann-Margret. Compare and contrast to Catrinel Menghia; use only one side of the paper, please. Proof also pays Rule 5 Tribute to the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge, including an actual upskirt shot.

DaleyGator was busy with the Rule 5 this week, what with Arianny Celeste, Lauren London, Taylor Makakoa, Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Brandi, Alyssa, and Caterina; Sila Sahin (NSFW), Yurika Shiratori (with video), Sophie Turner, and finally the Gator’s own Rule 5 roundup.

The Camp of the Saints leads off with Gianna Amore, who’s got the 80s hair going on; he follows with Pippa Middleton, Lynne Turner, and some very important Rule 5 news to finish up the week.

Maggie’s Notebook brings us ten hot swim suits and the women in them that make them hot. Ah, but from Dustbury comes the lady forever identified with her most famous role: Carolyn Jones, in a rare pre-Addams Family photo; also, Mr. Hill comments on the impending change at the Today Show in a manner relevant to our interests. Three Beers Later continues his homage to Juliana Moriera, and A View From The Beach wraps up this week’s roundup with a long look at the Fifth Republic’s First Lady, Carla Bruni.

Thanks to all for their submissions! For inclusion in next week’s Rule 5 Sunday, send your links to me at Rule 5 Wombat by April 7.

*Unfortunately the post lacks any Rule 5 content. 🙁


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