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Not In Agreement With Insty Here

Posted on | May 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

by Smitty

Insty links Victor Davis Hanson on the topic of America being in decline when many indicators argue for improvement.

Like Britain just after World War II, we have a leadership class that fundamentally doesn’t like the country it leads as it is, and wants to change it into something . . . less.

Britain’s leadership class, which grew up shell-shocked from WWI, had tried to outlaw war in 1928. Clearly and early example of Progressive policies achieving spectacularly opposite results, a mere dozen years later. So, after to World Wars, all that was left for Britain to do was commence crumbling, empire first, home islands more recently.
So is that a fair comparison with our Progressive Ruling Class?
I’d contend that our PRC isn’t interested in replacing the U.S. with something less. I daresay they want to scuttle the country, for all intents and purposes, by gaffing off immigration and border security, letting unions price American labor out of the market, and turning our schools into incubators for Marxist zombies.
The demolition of the dollar is nearly complete, as spooky dudes contemplate discarding the dollar in favor of something. . .else. You sort of know that even fewer, less accountable people will be making Big Decisions at that point. In fairness, the Federal Reserve is a cancer, and so the rest of the world may see little choice but ditching the dollar.
No, my non-vote of confidence in the PRC is such that I doubt they care for the United States at all.
So let that be a bit of fuel for the Tea Parties.


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