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Feminism: Synonym for Insanity?

Posted on | May 4, 2011 | 9 Comments

During his Sunday announcement that U.S. special operations forces had killed terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, President Obama said, “Justice has been done.”

Not even the president’s harshest Republican critics would argue with that. But you know who could argue? Jos Truitt at Feministing:

That’s not what I call justice. I don’t see justice in violence responding to violence. I see vengeance. I don’t see justice in one killing in the midst of many. Where’s the justice in 10 years of war, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, now Libya? In the killing of uncounted, unacknowledged civilians, including when bin Laden was killed? In sending young Americans, my friends, overseas to kill and be killed? In endless war?
Where’s the justice in pumping money into war overseas while there’s continued state violence against people on American soil? Against American Indians robbed of resources and exposed to sexual violence? Where’s the justice in our “criminal justice” system? A system that locks up far too many people, far too many young people of color including invisibilized queer and trans youth, for non-violent reasons in prisons that produce increased violence within their walls, that condition people to this state of violence and then send them to do violence outside?
Where’s the justice in funding wars while Americans experience the more subtle violence of lack of access to health care, including reproductive health care? When the US deports huge numbers of immigrants? When the divide between rich and poor in this country is getting bigger every day, the poor group growing and the rich group shrinking?

How far gone into moral blindness can you be, to view the unspeakable acts of Osama bin Laden as equivalent to, e.g., the deportation of illegal aliens?


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