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Celebrity Herpes or Hollywood Hoax?

Posted on | May 13, 2011 | 15 Comments

The amazing stuff you can learn by reading Wombat’s daily “Live at Five” headline round-up: A well-known “A-list” celebrity has reportedly been sued by a plaintiff who claims that the celebrity “swore he was STD free” prior to their hook-up in Las Vegas, which included unprotected sexual intercourse.

Now the plaintiff has herpes and is suing the star for $20 million, in a complaint that reads like a cheap novel:

JOHN DOE, an A-list celebrity of substantial fame intentionally wielded his influence, money and notoriety to attract his prey. In flaunting his power, fame and money, Defendant lured the unsuspecting Plaintiff into his sprawling Las Vegas Penthouse for an evening of prolonged sex and illicit drug use.

The plaintiff’s attorney says — wouldn’t you know it? — there’s a sex video of the couple’s Vegas tryst, and there is reportedly a $1 million offer for the video.

As tantalizing as that may seem, the really sleazy part is this: The lawsuit does not name the celebrity.

Nor does the complaint specify whether the plaintiff is male or female. So that, assuming the alleged “evening of prolonged sex and illicit drug use” actually took place, this lawsuit is nothing but straight-up blackmail: Fork over the cash, Mr. A-List Celebrity, or else we’ll name names.

And maybe also release the sex video.

There is, however, a very good reason to suspect that this is a hoax, a clue which the folks at TMZ apparenty failed to notice. The tryst in the “sprawling” Vegas penthouse is alleged to have occurred April 1.

Otherwise known as . . . April Fool’s Day.


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