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Dan Collins Loves Kirstie Alley and Generous Tip-Jar Contributions …

Posted on | May 14, 2011 | 10 Comments

. . . but yeah, mainly it’s the generous tip-jar contributions Dan needs now. His Piece of Work in Progress co-blogger Enoch Root explains how serious the situation has become.

I’ll explain a bit more of the background — and also explain the Kirstie Alley reference — but first go hit Dan’s tip jar. I did.

OK, Kirstie Alley: At some point in the wee hours of Saturday morning, one of my Twitter friends re-Tweeted a message from the former star of Cheers and Look Who’s Talking.

“Wow, Kirstie Alley is on Twitter!” I said to myself.

Back in the day (as Mrs. Other McCain sometimes reminds me), I thought Kirstie was totally hot. C’mon, guys: You used to watch Cheers, right? Remember the incredible sexual tension between her and Ted Danson? She was da shizzle.

Well, as has now been infinitely publicized, Kirstie developed what we politely refer to as “a weight problem.” Or, to be somewhat less polite, she got freaking huge.

Although it’s never been reported exactly how big she got, she probably maxed at close to 300 pounds. And then she ate Jenny Craig.

No, I don’t mean she went on the Jenny Craig diet — she actually ate Jenny Craig. Nobody’s seen Jenny since about 2007 and, while prosecutors have never been able to prove that Kirstie Alley devoured the world-famous weight-loss adviser during a late-night cannibalistic frenzy, she is rumored to be “a person of interest.”

So anyway, after I followed Kirstie on Twitter, the thought crossed my mind: “Hey, who do I  know that likes his womenfolk with a little more cushion for the pushin‘?”

Exactly how or why the “Dan Collins, Chubby Chaser” Google-bomb campaign began, I’ve forgotten by now. Once a running gag gets going online, the origins of the joke become shrouded in blogospheric mist. For example, how did the Ace of Spades hobo-killing meme begin? Or why is Glenn Reynolds famous for his puppy smoothies?

I don’t know, but I do know you should hit Dan’s tip jar.

As to the circumstantial exigencies: A few months ago, Dan was among the bloggers solicited to participate in a new conservative online start-up. The promoters of the new site envisioned grand things, with deep-pocket investors supposedly ready to pour money into the operation and . . .

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. After a while, with no adequate explanation, the paychecks just stopped showing up. Exactly what went wrong is still something of a mystery, but the point is that Dan worked for X number of months, but only got paid for X minus Y number of months, and subsequently was deprived of the value of Y times Z, with Z being however much his monthly pay was supposed to be.

His income deficit amounts to a few thousand bucks, you see, and while I am insufficiently familiar with the details to say that Dan got ripped off and screwed over, the assigning of blame is less important now than putting some cold hard cash into Dan’s pockets. The man has bills to pay.

Little Miss Attila and Instapundit are both urging you to hit Dan’s tip jar and, as previously mentioned, I already contributed a few bucks.

That’s the important thing about reader-supported sites: I’m always grateful for the big hitters — and you guys know who you are — but every little bit helps. If a hundred people each give $10, that’s as good as ten people each giving $100.

So go hit Dan’s tip jar now, or Enoch will kill a cute little bunny. And that would make Kirstie Alley sad.


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