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Chris Matthews Goes Off on GOP ‘Hate’; Mark Levin Goes Off on NBC News

Posted on | May 17, 2011 | 13 Comments

Watching MSNBC is fun from an anthropological perspective. This is the kind of stuff that liberals believe. This is how their minds work. Here is Chris Matthews accusing Republicans and the Tea Party of hate:

What is so bizarre about that is that this wasn’t some off-the-cuff  gaffe. It was an actual scripted segment, during which Matthews used the words “hate” or “hatred” ten times in less than two minutes.

Following up on David Gregory’s idiotic race-baiting on Meet the Press, yesterday Mark Levin went off on NBC:

” ‘Some people think that when you called Obama the food stamp president, you know, that has a racial connotation.’ Really? Isn’t that interesting?
“Well, some people think, Mr. Gregory, that your question has a racial connotation. Not just race-baiting, but prejudice, because apparently now it is the official position of ‘Meet the Press’ that if you’re on food stamps, you’re black. I just wanted to clarify that point, because otherwise the question makes no sense. Or, that a majority of the people are on food stamps are black, which is not true. And yet that is the inference. Well, why would Mr. Gregory make that inference? Sure he’s not prejudiced? Why would he do that?”


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