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NY-26 Update: Jane Corwin Ad

Posted on | May 19, 2011 | 8 Comments

Responding to Democrat attacks, the GOP is really trying to blur the Medicare/Social Security issue:

The most effective part of this ad is Corwin’s appearance at the end. She just seems nice, doesn’t she?

Dave Weigel is up in the district covering the campaign, and has a report on Wednesday’s debate between Corwin and Democrat Kathy Hochul. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that Hochul kept hammering on the Paul Ryan budget plan — Democrats want the NY-26 special election to be a negative referendum on that — while Corwin described Hochul as a “career politician.”

UPDATE: Robert Costa at National Review emphasizes the national implications of NY-26:

Corwin also finds herself in the middle of a proxy war between national Republicans and Democrats over Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget. Corwin backs Ryan’s effort; Hochul has tethered her hopes to demonizing Ryan’s Medicare reforms, which she claims would harm seniors.
Democrats, sensing disarray in a deep-red district, would love to pick up the seat, mere weeks after Ryan and his House GOP colleagues promoted the budget at town-hall meetings. Republicans, fearful of that spin, are performing triage, sending organizers and volunteers to Corwin headquarters.
“Democrats are going to try to make the 2012 House elections a referendum on ‘Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare,’ which all but a small handful of Republicans voted for,” says Larry Sabato, a political analyst at the University of Virginia. “NY-26 has too many complicating factors for this to fairly be considered a referendum on Ryan, but inevitably that is how many will interpret the election.”

Read the whole thing. At the end, Costa touches on the problem with David Bellavia, who was passed over for the GOP nomination and is now supporting Crazy Jack Davis. Bellavia’s situation and the problems of the New York Republican Party deserve more attention than I can give it here, but it would be an awful outcome if it results in handing Nancy Pelosi a chance to claim victory over Paul Ryan.

Let’s make a few things clear: This isn’t NY-23. Jane Corwin is not Dede Scozzafava; Corwin is ranked the second-most conservative member of the New York Assembly, based on her voting record. And furthermore, Jack Davis is no Doug Hoffman. Davis is a protectionist who ran three times for Congress as a Democrat.

The Tea Party Express, FreedomWorks and other major conservative organizations are backing Corwin.




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