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#WeinerGate: It Gets WORSE
UPDATE: Press Conference 4 p.m. ET UPDATE: ABC News Interviews Woman

Posted on | June 6, 2011 | 18 Comments


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The congressman gets shirtless in his latest embarrassing photo obtained by Andrew Breitbart.

OK, you can start the resignation clock ticking  . . .

CBS News is now reporting on Andrew Breitbart’s exclusive: “A spokesman for Weiner did not immediately respond to a request to confirm that Weiner had, in fact, sent the photos.”

Maggie’s Notebook highlights something I’d overlooked: Kirsten Powers said Weiner was the “only guy who ever dumped me.”

UPDATE: Now Radar Online busts Weiner on sex-texting, so that even Ace of Spades becomes squeamish:

Yeah, I’m going to say this ends tomorrow, and I hope it does. This is just awful . . .
Actually I’m changing that. I previously said tomorrow. Now I say today, this afternoon.
This is just pretty bad right here.
I’m ready to see this stop now. This is brutal.

We have heard nothing today from the soon-to-be-former congressman. This scandal just became unsurvivable. The only question now is how soon he resigns.

UPDATE II: Anticipating the release of further photos, I announced I was taking a short nap, and awoke to find a Twitter message from Donald Douglas:

 Don’t nap!! You’re missing it: “Anthony Weiner Upper Body Nude Photos!”

Yeah, I was late on this one. But now that we’re awaiting a resignation, I’m well-rested.

UPDATE III: Just look at that Memeorandum thread:

Now imagine the New York Post and New York Daily News front-page headlines on Tuesday.

Like I said: “unsurvivable.”

UPDATE IV: Fisherville Mike: “That’s all, folks.” Yeah, but the question is, does Weiner know that?

UPDATE V: I’m trying to confirm a report that Rep. Weiner will hold a press conference today at 4 p.m. at the Sheraton Hotel. Pants optional, I’m told.

UPDATE VI: Just confirmed — press conference at 4 p.m. ET. Will have full report.

UPDATE VII: Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark:

An ABC News employee said that the network has conducted an interview with a woman, who says she received the photos from Mr. Weiner, evidently the same photos Mr. Breitbart obtained.
As of this afternoon, the network was determining when it would broadcast the interview.

The odds of him surviving a broadcast network interview with this woman? Infinitesimal.


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