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Breitbart’s Vindication

Posted on | June 7, 2011 | 67 Comments

Let’s be clear about one thing: Andrew Breitbart was right, right, right and his critics were wrong, wrong, wrong.

As explains, “Andrew Breitbart was in New York for previously scheduled meetings,” and went to Anthony Weiner’s press conference as an observer. So how did he end up on stage? I touch on that in my American Spectator column today:

It started with a Tweet that was reported on a blog and, by the time it led to a Monday press conference in Manhattan, the story known as “WeinerGate” was the first full-blown cybersex scandal of the New Media era. And it was perhaps altogether fitting that disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner had to wait to make his guilty admission while Andrew Breitbart gave an impromptu lecture to the reporters assembled in a ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel.
“Everything we’ve reported about this story has been true,” said Breitbart, whose was first to tell how, late on the night of May 27, the Democratic congressman from New York’s 9th District had used Twitter to send a 21-year-old college coed a message that included a photo of Weiner’s underwear-clad crotch in a condition of obvious arousal. After ten days of denials from Weiner, ABC News was prepared to air new revelations and the congressman was at last ready to confess. Breitbart showed up at the Sheraton and was asked by reporters to speak, ascending the podium to declare: “Quite frankly, I’d like an apology from [Weiner] for being complicit in a blame-the-messenger strategy.” . . .

Read the rest at The American Spectator.


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