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Because Sunday Is Father’s Day …

Posted on | June 11, 2011 | 7 Comments

. . . you should hit the tip jar.

That is my wife and me with our oldest son Bob (Robert Stacy McCain Jr.) who graduated from high school May 29.

Bob’s twin brother Jim (James William McCain) graduated high school May 20 (the twins attended different private Christian academies), and their older sister Kennedy graduated from college summa cum laude on May 21. Here are all three of our recent graduates together:

Readers will recall that when Jim and Kennedy graduated, I immediately posted their photos. That didn’t happen when Bob graduated, because the WeinerGate scandal broke on May 28, and I’ve spent the past two weeks struggling to keep pace with constantly breaking developments in the story. The only break was when we took our three youngest children to a baseball game last Sunday.

Not that I should complain. In part because of the WeinerGate traffic surge, May was our best month ever (nearly 400,000 page-views) and we’ve already gotten more than 180,000 page views in the first 11 days of June. But traffic is one thing, and income is another, so I’m rattling the tip jar in hope that readers feel that two weeks of all-Weiner, all-the-time, has been worth a little something extra. And speaking of “a little something extra” . . .

That’s Bob with his girlfriend, Portia, who lives in Ohio. They met a few years ago when we were visiting my wife’s family in Ohio. And since then, Bob’s shown a keen interest in visiting Ohio more often.

Portia tried to teach Bob to stop “fighting like a girl.” She’s very sweet and nice. The great mystery is why she’s attracted to Bob. Then again, many people are still wondering how I ended up with such a beautiful wife and wonderful kids. Some things are hereditary, I guess.

Anyway, it’s Father’s Day, so please hit the tip jar — it’s for the children!


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