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‘Moral Fascists’?

Posted on | June 11, 2011 | 33 Comments

That phrase is used by Dave Brockington of the liberal blog Lawyers, Guns & Money, to describe people offended by the behavior of Anthony Weiner. Brockington endeavors to dismiss the whole thing:

I’m not going to elaborate on the irrelevance of his behavior beyond the effect on his relationship with his wife and family in moral or governance terms.

Brockington has a Ph.D. in political science, which means he assumes himself to be the intellectual superior of anyone who might disagree with him — especially any of you “moral fascists” who find Anthony Weiner’s behavior disturbing.

Rather than arguing with Herr Doktor, then — because he knows absolutely everything about political science, including such scientific categories as moral fascism — I suppose we ought to consult those whose expertise lies in other fields of endeavor, such as law. Patterico holds the juris doctor degree, has examined the available evidence and concludes:

So this guy knew he was talking to a high school girl, and he used a grooming line that had been successful with an older woman.

You should read the rest of that, including the link to Verum Serum. Last night I offered the word “grooming” to characterize Weiner’s communications with the Delaware teen, apologizing for the tendentiousness of that word.

Certainly, as a mere journalist, I am unqualified to offer a psychological diagnosis of Weiner’s condition. What we need here, I would suggest, is the authority of an expert in such matters — perhaps a forensic psychologist — who can tell us (a) whether Weiner’s behavior appears consistent with known forms of psychosexual disorder, and (b) what significance there might be in Weiner’s communications with this 17-year-old Delaware girl.

Not being an expert as deviant psychology, I’m not fit to judge such matters, but I know what’s newsworthy. And the latest developments certainly are:

Weinergate took a lurid new direction with the disclosure yesterday that Rep. Anthony Weiner invited a “hot sexy baby” to an X-rated date via the Skype network, which provides text, talk and video chats.
Racy new e-mails — sent just a month ago — detail exchanges between Weiner and Traci Nobles, the 34-year-old Georgia teacher and cheerleading coach who has surfaced as his fifth sexting partner. . . .
Weiner suggested they take it to another level:
“So i will make sure to keep some time open so we can have a cyber session via skype. Does that make my hot sexy baby happy?”
Hours after the e-mails were unearthed, Delaware cops descended on the home of a 17-year-old high school junior to ask her about online communications she had with Weiner.
“They were made aware of an alleged contact between Congressman Anthony Weiner and an area teen,” said New Castle County police spokeswoman Officer Tracey Duffy.
“The teen has been interviewed and disclosed no information regarding any criminal activity.”
She said the probe was continuing.

Read the whole thing. The connection between these two events — the revelation of Weiner’s cybersex sessions with the 34-year-old teacher, and the Delaware police investigation of Weiner’s communications with the 17-year-old — is probably entirely coincidental, except . . .

Well, except that Weiner did both things: He was seeking cybersex with his female online friends and he was privately communicating with a minor girl.

And if you think that’s skeevy, you’re a “moral fascist.”

UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi, Moral Fascist!


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