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Quantitative Easing Is Not Default!

Posted on | June 11, 2011 | 8 Comments

by Smitty (h/t World’s Only Rational Man)

I am nearly tempted to defend the Federal Reserve in the strongest terms. If I felt any more strongly that making money appear by piles of half a trillion was not theft, I would lay down a firm argument. Clearly, ‘Quantitative Easing’ has six syllables; ‘default’, a mere two. Look at Ben Bernanke:


How can a face like this be less than honest?

Would you trust a face like this with protecting the value of your currency? Trick question! You’ve got no choice. Somebody else decided, by Progressive fiat, that in order to keep the Federal Reserve free of tawdry politics, they’d just, you know, appoint him. OK, that notion is a trifle whiffy when set beside the U.S. Constitution proper, but when has the Congress ever blown off the Constitution?
We really have to help these humorless Chinese. Note what a real thief looks like:

small potatoes compared to the Federal Reserve

A real thief

Is not he difference between good and bad blatantly obvious to even the most casual observer? Bernanke is wearing a necktie. The good guys always go that extra fashion mile.

Washington had already defaulted on its loans by allowing the dollar to weaken against other currencies — eroding the wealth of creditors including China, Guan said. 

See, now, that sounds like something Ron Paul or Sarah Palin would say. And have they not both been declared hopelessly out of touch by The People Who Matter?
It’s high time for all these grouchy, pedantic Chinese and conservatives to just relax. Trust your Federal Reserve. Let them run stuff. We should thank Ben Bernanke for sparing us the gory details of, say, bailing out his chums in Greece. We really have been relieved of a lot of stress there. Thanks, Ben!
It really is cool of him to permit us to retain the fiction of sovereignty and valid currency. Let’s not make Mr. Bernanke mad. Who wants to see Mr. Hand turn into Mr. Fist? Not me.


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