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Bombshell Headlines With Jane Russell

Posted on | June 21, 2011 | 15 Comments

After my wee-hours insomniac rendezvous with Anna Maria Alberghetti, I slept past noon and woke up to discover that Turner Classic Movies is having a Jane Russell marathon in recognition of the late bombshell’s birthday. The film was His Kind of Woman, a 1951 noir thriller that pairs Russell with Robert Mitchum and also features Vincent Price, Raymond Burr and Jim Backus.

Between my disrupted sleep schedule and my fascination with classic beauties from the Golden Age of Hollywood, however, I’ve fallen behind on the news, and thought I’d better catch up:

  • New York Times: John McCain and John Kerry introduce a bipartisan resolution to legalize Obama’s Illegal War™ in Libya.
  • Conservatives for Palin: Buy your tickets now for the July 15 theater debut of the Palin documentary, The Undefeated.
  • Associated Press: Newt Gingrich’s top fundraisers quit, saying the Republican’s presidential campaign is more than $1 million in debt already. We’ll know more when the second-quarter FEC reports are released next month, but I wonder if Newt will still be an active candidate by then.
  • Human Events:  First it was Joe Camel, now it’s Tony the Tiger.
  • Ed Driscoll: Kiddie movie targets Big Oil?
  • Gallup: Obama’s popularity plunging?
  • Piece of Work in Progress: Summer’s here, and it’s snowing in Colorado. I blame global warming.
  • Moe Lane: Roger Ebert, Ryan Dunn and Westboro Baptist Church? Yeah, there’s your trifecta.
  • ABC News: Some guy named Huntsman declared his candidacy for 2012. A friend called to get my reaction, which I summarized in four words: Charlie Crist for President. Huntsman’s challenging Romney for the RINO vote. Good luck with that.
  • American Power: Jon Stewart is a bitter, angry man. Let’s face it, he’s a slightly funnier Bill Maher — and it would be impossible to be less funny than Bill Maher.
  • Associated Press: Worst housing market EVAH!
  • Instapundit: A physics professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University has been arrested in New Mexico for running a prostitution Web site that connected some 200 hookers with 1,200 johns. And he says he did it as a “hobby.” Here I am trying desperately to monetize my blog, and this guy’s pimping hookers online for fun. You should hit my tip jar, just for consolation.

OK, so you’re caught up with the latest news and, if you’ll excuse me now, TCM’s showing Jane Russell in The Young Widow (1946) and you wouldn’t want me to keep Jane waiting, would you?


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