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Individual Compassion: Federal Task?

Posted on | June 21, 2011 | 6 Comments

by Smitty

I’m concerned that Lowry at The National Review may be missing the larger point. His article’s point, that we should expect some bizzare pivot on the part of the media to long for the days of Bush43, is a good one, as far as it goes. The Chris Matthews of the world are into recreational perversion of their ideas. The act of making, breaking, and remaking public figures like clay is their favorite pastime; we should give them all clay and set them in the corner of the room while we recover the country from a century of Progressive idiocy.
The deeper problem with Compassionate Conservativism, as dreamt up by Karl Rove and articulated by Bush43, is that it tries to justify Progressive Federal overreach by setting the Golden Rule against the Constitution. We are left with a sprawling Federal government that wants to own your food, health, education, housing, job, and retirement.
As someone who takes a strongly Federalist view of the Constitution, the idea of Washington DC as an organization with copius resources that steps in to alleviate multi-state natural disasters seems ‘about right’ in terms of the ‘compassion’ that would be proper.
The Golden Rule of ‘loving thy neighbor as thyself’ makes good Judeo-Christian sense in the case of actual neighbors. Or, if spiritually led, to take up the cause of distant ‘neighbors’ voluntarily, sure. The dirty reality of the Progressives is that their socialist attitudes, time and again, breed contempt. People do not scale. The Iron Law wins in every situation.






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