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Teen Bride’s Mom: ‘Courtney Is Used to This Type of Reaction Towards Her’

Posted on | June 23, 2011 | 81 Comments

There was a strong reaction to yesterday’s post about Courtney Stodden, the 16-year-old aspiring singer who married her 51-year-old manager, actor Doug Hutchison, and so I’m sure readers will find lots to say about this bit of information: Courtney’s new husband is four years older than her father.

That’s just one item in Sasha Bogursky’s Fox News interview with Courtney’s mom, Krista Stodden:

“We all needed a good man in our lives,” said Krista, adding the 35-year age gap does not faze her. “After a while you don’t look at the age. You look at the love they started to have towards each other. He became more than a number to us.”
Courtney, an aspiring actress, model and pop singer, met her husband when he began managing her career. Her parents welcomed Hutchinson, who is four years older than his new father-in-law, into their lives when he started dating their daughter.
“He was her manager, and then as we got to know him, we got to see what kind of person he was,” Krista said. “He just became a wonderful person in our eyes, and he’s a great Christian man.” . . .
“She never thought that she would find the right person and when she found Doug, she said ‘I never really wanted to get married but I found someone perfect for me and you never know what age you’re going to find that person at’,” said Krista.
According to Krista, Courtney is used to being in the spotlight. She began modeling at the age of 12 and by 14 she was hosting her own online show called “The Courtney Stodden Show.”
Courtney has also been the victim of cyber bullying, addressing many hurtful comments she has encountered on her YouTube channel.
“Courtney is used to this type of reaction towards her,” said Krista. “She’s a very beautiful girl and she stands out, because she’s shockingly beautiful when you see her in person. She reads some of the negative things people wrote about her but she’s strong.”

And now, to answer a question to which you probably didn’t really want the answer (at least not from her mom):

“Everything is real,” insists Krista. “Usually when girls have little cute bodies, they don’t have large breasts, but she’s had no work done, and she doesn’t need anything done.”

OK, so there’s lots of comment fodder there — read the whole thing — but just for good measure, I’ll stir the pot by semi-defending this mismatched marriage. (It’s been called a “May-December” match, but isn’t it really more like April-October?)

Look, it’s show business. We’ve seen many, many examples of how ex-child stars like Lindsay Lohan crash and burn when they hit their 20s. (Lindsay has apparently averted her jail sentence.) Given how commonly these young women in Hollywood go bonkers, which is the greater risk: Letting your daughter go into show business at 16, or letting her get married at 16?

Go ahead, then. Feel free to predict a disastrous outcome for Doug and Courtney’s marriage. But how many Hollywood marriages end “happily ever after” anyway?

But wait — there’s more! Here is video of Courtney competing two years ago in a beauty pageant. She introduces herself at the 1:22 mark, then appears in the swimsuit competition at the 1:40 mark, and in evening gown competition at 3:15:

And she was only 14 years old, you sick freaks.

UPDATE: But wait — there’s still more! Here’s a video Courtney did last year about “Cyber Bullies & Cyber Victims”:

“I get harassed daily on the Internet,” she says, reading some of the cruel, rude comments people have made about her. You kinda wonder if maybe one reason she was so eager to get married was to have a refuge from all that. Haven in a Heartless World, so to speak.

UPDATE II: Welcome, Instapundit readers! For those kicking this topic around in the comments, let me ask: Is your objection to the age of the bride or the age of the groom? That is to say, would you oppose the marriage of a 16-year-old under any circumstances, or only if her husband was so much older? And is a 35-year age difference between bride and groom always objectionable? Would it be OK if a 25-year-old married a 60-year-old?


81 Responses to “Teen Bride’s Mom: ‘Courtney Is Used to This Type of Reaction Towards Her’”

  1. Finrod Felagund
    June 24th, 2011 @ 10:26 pm

    The technogeek comic XKCD proposed a useful formula to find out if They’re Too Young For You: if your age is x, then it’s not creepy to have a relationship with them if their age is greater than (x/2)+7.

    For example, under this formula it was not creepy for Fred Thompson and his wife, being 65 and 41 respectively, because (65/2)+7 = 39.5 < 41.

    But for this pair, at 51 and 16, under this formula it will stop being creepy in 33 years (2044) when he is 84 and she is 49.