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‘World’s Largest Natural Breasts’?

Posted on | June 26, 2011 | 24 Comments

Just minding my own business, scanning over the celebrity site, when I saw the headline:

‘Every day I am taunted by strangers’:
Woman with world’s largest natural breasts
on bullying she has suffered since childhood

And I thought to myself: “World’s largest natural breasts? How can they be so sure of this?” Well, never mind that now. This sentence in the article caught my attention:

Ms Hawkins-Turner, who today makes a living as a glamour model under the pseudonym Norma Stitz . . .

“Norma Stitz.” Har-de-har-har-har. And so when I Googled that name, I found a 2009 article with a photo.

Are you sure you want to see it? Permit me to warn you now: Once you’ve seen this picture, you cannot un-see it.

So consider yourself warned.

Say what you will. Certainly no one can doubt her claim to the title “World’s largest natural breasts.” Nor envy her for it.

UPDATE: Welcome, Jawas!


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