The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Greeks Riot as Parliament Approves Budget Cuts to Avoid Debt Default

Financial markets breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday after the Greek parliament approved an austerity plan needed to avert default on the nation’s debt: The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 72.73 points, or 0.60%, to 12261.42, capping the blue-chip measure’s biggest three-day gain since March. . . . Stocks have swung up and down for […]

LIVE AT FIVE – 06.30.11

TOP NEWS Obama Assails Republicans As Gulf In Deficit Talks Remains Wide President all sticks and no carrots in press conference; House GOP not impressed Supremes Could Make Gay Marriage A 2012 Issue Obama wary of publicly opposing DOMA Afghan Security Conference Opens Just Hours After Hotel Attack Afghan police and military forces to assume […]

‘When Irish Eyes Are Smiling’

Thanks to Don Surber for pointing out that the Boston mascot seems to be enjoying a wee bit of Ye Merry Olde Upskirt:

Perry Is A Bad Man Because He Saw What Happened To Palin And Had A Delay Put On Release Of Travel Vouchers. Bad Man!

by Smitty What have we learned since 2008, if not that the former courts of justice have been reduced to an ideological battleground? Unexpectedly, Rick Perry, kicking around a Presidential run, wants to express himself politically without having his travel used as a weapon against him. Many of the trips are unrelated to state business […]

‘Subversion, Inc.’: Book-Partying in D.C. With Author Matthew Vadum Tonight

The notorious “Beltway cocktail party circuit” is a political cliché, suggestive of effete insiders conspiring over martinis in some sort of Machiavellian power-status cabal. There is some truth to that cliché. Washington, D.C., is very much a town where who you know is more important than what you know, and the most important thing is […]

Why Does Alec Baldwin Fear Women?

Newsbusters calls attention to Alec Baldwin’s Twitter rant against GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann: Of course, Baldwin boldly defended Anthony Weiner as “the modern, high functioning man.” Richard McEnroe on Twitter reminds us of Baldwin’s infamous phone call to his 12-year-old daughter: When I previously called attention to Baldwin’s abusive call to his daughter, another […]

Dear Stacy

by Smitty Please make sure no one finds out I was born in Oregon. It would be shameful for anyone to know that the state where I was born has been completely sodomized by a crop of un-American degenerates. Yes. California. I blame expat granola-heads for destroying my home state’s moral fiber. Stacy, I know […]

Gloat Zone

“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) said Tuesday that she’s not ready to announce whether she’ll run for president, but did not deny a report that she has made her decision.” — The Hill, June 28 Palin Decision Expected Next Week — The American Spectator, June 17 So it now appears that what “one Republican […]

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