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Re-Explaining the Amazon Thing (Or, Is Your Husband Reading The Right Blog?)

Posted on | July 9, 2011 | 15 Comments

When I’d mentioned earlier that someone bought a $199.99 piece of jewelry via my Amazon Associates link — thereby earning me an $8 commission — some of the commenters seemed not to understand how it works. Look, here’s the wonderful Amazon “carousel” widget:

This is a selection of products I’ve picked out — including a fedora, and a couple of books I highly recommend — but it doesn’t matter whether you actually buy those specific items. If you click the Amazon link and purchase anything (big, small, expensive, cheap, whatever) during that visit to Amazon, that earns me a 4% commission.

So it doesn’t necessarily matter what Amazon products I advertise, so long as you click the links and buy stuff. Of course, if you want to buy some really expensive stuff, that would be super-cool with me.

Maybe some of these “right-wing billionaires” I keep hearing about might want to help a cracka out, y’know? (Go with the mink, Mr. Koch!)

The reader who bought the $499 3-D Blu-ray player last week? He explained that he’s furnishing his personal home theater via Amazon. He lives within driving distance and has invited me to come watch movies when he gets everything set up. I’m not so much into 3-D, so maybe we can have a film noir festival.

But these are mere suggestions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying books or mink coats, whether you’re furnishing your home theater or buying jewelry for your wife. As long as you click the Amazon links on this blog and buy something — anything — I get 4% of the purchase price.

So, ladies, if your husband is reading this blog and you don’t get a $4,500 mink coat for Christmas, don’t blame me. I tried. IYKWIMAITYD.



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