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LIVE AT FIVE – 07.12.11

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— compiled by Wombat-socho
Obama Presses, But Boehner Stands Firm

Pelosi, Boehner, Obama and Reid

House GOP unimpressed by scary talk about debt defaults; not going to roll over and “eat their peas” on President’s tax hike proposal, either

US Accuses Syria Of Unleashing Attacks On Embassies
Syrian troops stood by, did nothing

Secretary Clinton: Pakistan Must Cooperate To Ensure Military Aid

Could halt in aid push Pakis further into the arms of the PRC?

Gingrich: GOP Can’t Win Without The TEA Party

Newt Gingrich answers questions in Pella, Iowa

Says he’s in it to the end, but social conservatives are unimpressed by his refusal to sign Family Leader pledge

Proposal To Split California On Again

Court Tells Administration To Clarify Stance On Gays In The Military

FBI Probes How Stun Gun Got Onto Jet Blue Flight

Alan Grayson Running For Congress Again

Incandescent Bulbs Defended By House GOP Against Obama Opposition

Euro Falls To Four-Month Low Against Yen On Italy Concerns
Shareholders Sue News Corp. Over Phone Hacking Scandal
Cisco May Cut 5000 Jobs In August
Crude From SPR Fetches Up To $109 A Barrel
Peoples’ Bank Of China Tries To Assuage Fears Over Local Debt In PRC
Dunkin’ Baking Up $461 Million Stock Offer
Amazon Seeks Ballot Measure To Repeal California Tax
HP Realigns PC Unit With Eye Toward Increasing WebOS Sales
Smell The Fear: Apple Sues HTC Again
AntiSec Claims To Have Stolen Military E-Mail Addresses, Passwords

Google Books Partners With An e-Reader: The iRiver Story HD

Yankees’ Robinson Cano Wins Home Run Derby

Robinson Cano celebrates his victory in the Home Run Derby

Edges Red Sox’ Adrian Gonzalez 32-31 in third round

US Women Making World Cup A Hot Topic Again, Just Like 1999

All-Star Game A Matter Of Pride For Kansas City

ESPN Sues Ohio State Over Public Records Request

Top Picks May Take Big Hit In Any NFL Deal

All-Star Game Dropouts Fuel Concern About Process

So Sarge, I Hear You’ve Got A Hot Date For The Marine Ball…

Yes he did - and Mila Kunis is going to the Marine Ball. 🙂

The original invitation
Mila says yes!

An Open Letter To LA Times Writer Patt Morrison

Brooke Mueller Back On Crack?

“Jersey Shore” Official Italian Portrait

Drunken, Jobless Actor Trashes Letterman’s Theater

“Celebrity Rehab” On Indefinite Hiatus

New Rebecca Black Single “My Moment” Release July 18

Sissy Spacek Approves Of Lindsay Lohan For “Carrie” Remake

Johnny Depp And Disney Team Up For “Night Stalker” Movie

Russia Begins Investigation Into Volga River Cruise Disaster
As Ramadan Approaches, Libyan Rebels Worry About Mounting Odds

Drone Missile Spree Kills 30 Jihadis In Pakistan
Israel Airport Protest Fizzles; Twelve Await Deportation To UK

Allahpundit: Boehner – Let’s Face It, Obama’s In Re-election Mode
Troglopundit: One Last Post About The Federal Budget (And The Payroll Tax In Particular)

PJ Tatler: The Collision Of Narcissism And Reality
JustOneMinute: Pretty Ambitious Kabuki
The Lonely Conservative: Michelle Obama’s 1500-Calorie Lunch
Moe Lane: We Shall Have Alan Grayson To Kick Around Some More
The Jawa Report: When Do We Start Bombing Pakistan Back To The Stone Age?
Verum Serum: Liberals Love Free Speech Like Fish Love Bicycles (Video)
Marginal Revolution: The Great Fiction
Weasel Zippers: Obama Says Job Losses “Evidence” The Stimulus Worked

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