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LIVE AT FIVE – 07.14.11

Posted on | July 14, 2011 | 6 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

McConnell Outlines New Proposal On Debt Ceiling

It's a metaphor, okay?

Proposal places responsibility for raising debt limit squarely on President; Democrats cautiously optimistic, but House GOP obdurate

Mumbai Bomb Blasts: India Looks At “Every Possible Group”
At least 17 killed, hundreds injured; suspicions that Pakistan in involved (again)

Murdoch Struggles To Save UK Papers Business As Probes Loom
International fallout from phone hacking scandals affecting all aspects of News Corp

Obama Urges Quick Debt Limit Compromise

President still holding out for higher taxes

McConnell warns of political fallout from debt crisis; House GOP unimpressed

“Not Time To Retreat, Time To Reload”: Palin Attacks Obama On Debt Crisis

Romney, Pawlenty Say No To Controversial Marriage Pledge

Former NM Border Town Mayor Convicted Of  Gun Smuggling

Giuliani Heads For NH TO Explore Presidential Bid

Polygamous Family Files Suit To Challenge Utah Laws

Minnesota Faces Dwindling Supplies Of (Legal) Booze, Cigarettes As State Shutdown Drags On

Atheist Group Sues To Block Governor Perry From Prayer Rally

Bernanke’s Fears Will Help Obama In 2012
Murdoch Drops BSkyB Bid
Dollar, Stocks, Bonds Weaker In Europe As Moody’s Considers Lowering US Credit Rating
German Bonds Rise As Greek Debt Rating Slashed Again; Italian Bonds Fall Before Sale
Precious Metals Rise In Asia
Bank Delays Push One Million Foreclosures Into 2012
PMA Urges California Voters To Support Amazon Tax Referendum
Is America’s Presence In Space Dying Or Evolving?
Revamped Android Market For Mobiles Adds Books, Movies
Amazon To Open New Front In War With Apple: Tablet To Rival iPad
WinPhone7 Not For Tablets, Microsoft Says

Wambach Leads US Women Into Finals With 3-1 Victory Over France

Abby Wambach scores the second goal against the hapless French

Ladies will face winner of Japan/Sweden match on Sunday for the World Cup

NFL Players Expect Deal Soon; Owners Meeting On 21st

Clemens Lawyers Assail Legitimacy Of House Hearing

Union Leader To NBA Players: Keep Looking Overseas

Christian Lopez To Get His Own Baseball Card

Mets Claim K-Rod Deal Doesn’t Mean Change

Trail Blazers GM Narrowly Avoids $1 Million Fine For Saying “Yeah”

Sixers Sale On Track Despite Lockout

Blues Give Cheechoo A Shot With One-Year Deal

NCAA Not Finished With Auburn Just Yet

Three “Glee” Regulars Not Returning For Season 4

Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith: gone

Characters scheduled to graduate this season

Brad & Angelina Getting Married

Sauce For The Gander: Justin Timberlake Also Invited To Marine Ball (Video)

Daniel Baldwin Files For Divorce, Cites Wife’s Addiction

Olivia Wilde’s New Fairy Tale

Brooke Mueller: Calm Down, It Was Just Pot

Levi Johnson’s Sister Poses For Playboy

Mumbai Attacks “Not A Failure Of Intelligence”
ISRAid Sends Aid To South Sudan
America’s Weak-Kneed Response To Assad’s Street Theater
Thai PM-Elect Survives “Noodlegate” But Threats Loom
Chavez Says Cancer May Require Further Treatment

Michelle Malkin: Finally, Cantor And Obama Come To Blows
The Camp Of The Saints: “Recedite, Plebes! Gero Rem Imperialem!”
Legal Insurrection: “Don’t Call My Bluff”, The President Said
Allahpundit: Angry Obama Storms Out Of Debt Negotiations
Weasel Zippers: Gallup Says Plurality Trusts GOP To Handle Deficit And Debt Limit
Don Surber: Banker Says There Won’t Be A Default
Big Government: Justice For Sale In St. Louis County
Lonely Conservative: Go Figure, Arabs Prefer “Cowboy Diplomacy”


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