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Renowned ‘Heh-ologian’ Nancy Pelosi Explains What BHO Means By ‘Job’

Posted on | July 15, 2011 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

Thanks to The Blog Prof for the clip tip. The context was the debt limit negotiations. I disagree with Blog Prof’s assessment that “this comparison [of BHO to Job] is nothing short of INSANE”. In fact, this is one of the more accurate statements Princess Pelosi has drooled since she became a load on the taxpayer wallet.

Job is no place compared to this President in terms of patience.

You’ll have to forgive Nancy’s mishandling of the vowel. She used a long ‘o’, when she really meant a short one, to judge by the latest employment figures.
BHO’s desired end state for the country is equality of condition, at least for all knuckle draggers who didn’t vote for Obama. Aren’t we headed that direction under BHO’s economic variations on the Tower of Babel? Haven’t we been plagued in Egypt?
Sackcloth and ashes are about the lowest common denominator for the American people. Nancy is totally correct: Obama will not rest until your job is no place compared to his.


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