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From ‘Not Not Running’, To ‘Not Running Traditional Campaign’, To ‘Not Letting Americans Off The Hook’: Go, Palin!

Posted on | July 18, 2011 | 16 Comments

by Smitty

WAYTOOHOTABAD, KUWAIT. A few hours sleep, a bit of bandwidth, and a real sense that my R&R leave and meeting the World’s Youngest Blogger may not be the most important things going on, at least outside my immediate family.
Via Instapundit, there is the Yahoo article about The Undefeated opening in some red meat districts, and doing some brisk business.
I very badly need to see this film. This means that people in markets where it opened on the 15th of July need to go see it. It’s about market signaling, people.
The Progressive project is predicated upon the notion that the American people are sheep. The American people have behaved sheepishly; let’s be honest. And here is a leader theatening the Progressive wolves with some honest shepherdly behavior. The river of dishonest bile from the usual liars is all you need to know.
This movie constitutes a 2012 straw poll. If you ever want to see a politician exhibit courage, Sarah Palin or otherwise, go see this flick. It may have strong associations with her, but, if this thing dies on the vine, you may as well plan to vote for a tool of the Romney ilk. Because that’s all that will be left. Or, WTF, just vote for BHO: as the ship sinks, you’ll have the satisfaction of noting that, by God, you were part owner of the capsizing.
Oh, look: a Twitter feed! A blog! A picture of our Ruling Class Overlords reacting!
I don’t care if movie theaters are not your thing. You can put off your cigarette long enough to sit through this flick. And then get on social media and get others to see it.
This is a deal of nearly Biden-esque proportions.


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