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Not Sure I Agree With Melissa Clouthier

Posted on | August 13, 2011 | 14 Comments

by Smitty

It doesn’t appear that the Black Sox scandal destroyed baseball; I don’t see how a generation of commie swine disguised as the media can destroy investigative reporting.

In an America with a re-vitalized media, do you really want to be the candidate that says “You can’t ask about my transcripts; I’m invoking the Obama Rule.” That would go over as well as, say, Obama’s budget, which combined idiocy and bad luck to ride to a unanimous 0-97 near-victory in the Senate, but mostly idiocy.

Update: Gerard says the media has found Rick Perry’s transripts. I, for one, rejoice that the country has been spared four years of an ideologue who would, no doubt, have run trillion-dollar deficits and reduced the country to an object of international ridicule.


14 Responses to “Not Sure I Agree With Melissa Clouthier”

  1. MrPaulRevere
    August 14th, 2011 @ 2:41 am

     “I don’t see how a generation of commie swine disguised as the media can destroy investigative reporting.” Amen or word. I’m pro choice on that sentiment.

  2. Mike
    August 14th, 2011 @ 2:49 am

     Well, one thing’s for sure…if the Dems try and make a big deal about the GOP candidate’s college transcripts, then it  should follow that Obama’s transcripts will have to be bared to scrutiny by the American public.

  3. J.M. Heinrichs
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:10 am

    Until the re-vitalized media shows up, yes, I think that will be the case. A similar situation to that which exists for covering Apple events.


  4. Anonymous
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:21 am

    Do you really believe that’s what will happen.

  5. Anonymous
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:21 am

    ONE Generation?  It’s been 43 years since Cronkite threw his on-air Tet Offensive tantrum, 39 years since Woodward & Bernstein screwed the Pooch on Watergate.  That’s at least two generations and counting.  Two generations of solid-pink programming.

  6. Mike
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:33 am

    Excuse me…I was having a brain fart when I had that ridiculous thought.

  7. Proof
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:36 am

    Cavity searches for conservatives and Republicans, but the press will take the word of any liberal or Democrat with a press release, right?

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    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:05 am

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  9. higgins1990
    August 14th, 2011 @ 7:34 am

    Time for my joke again (I only know one, and it isn’t very funny):

    Q: What’s the difference between a member of the MSM and a prostitute?

    A: A prostitute is honest about who she is.

  10. FenelonSpoke
    August 14th, 2011 @ 8:27 am

    If Obama gets pushed to the wall on this someone can always photoshop some lovely grades for him and I doubt  Occidental or Columbia would say a thing.

    But of course, who in the press would push it?. How dare they question our brilliant first African American President on his grades!!!

  11. McGehee
    August 14th, 2011 @ 12:54 pm

    And a prostitute charges the recipient of her … um … services.

  12. McGehee
    August 14th, 2011 @ 12:55 pm

    I think somebody should beat him to it. All his transcripts could show him with an AA+ average.

  13. Anonymous
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:04 pm

    This has been known for quite a while:

    She patronized extensively a man, Ulysses Gunne,Whose mode of earning money was a low and shameful one.He wrote for certain papers, which, as everybody knows,Is worse than serving in a shop or scaring off the crows.<

    Delilah, Rudyard Kipling

  14. Adjoran
    August 14th, 2011 @ 6:05 pm

    CORRECTION:  It only gives Democrats a pass because, after Obama, asking any Democrat about his transcripts would be raaaaaacist. 

    But Bill Clinton did manage to change the post-JFK rules about medical disclosure.