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God Bless You, Mary Zenecki!

Posted on | December 5, 2011 | 55 Comments

News from Virginia via Quinton Report:

A skeleton, dressed as Santa Claus, nailed to a cross, was torn down by an enraged woman outside of the Loudoun County Courthouse.
The display was legally there, with the consent of the county, officials said.
Mary Zenecki, a county resident, wasn’t having it. She, piece by piece and bone by bone took “Skele-Claus” off the cross and laid him on the courthouse’s lawn. . . .
The display was put there by Jeff Heflin. He applied for approval with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to put up his anti-Christmas Season display.
“It depicts how society’s materialistic obsessions and addictions are killing the season’s peace, love, joy and kindness,” Heflin said. . . .
The leader of the Northern Virginia Atheists, Rick Wingrove, says tearing down the display was illegal, and people should keep an open mind.
Offense is in the eye of the beholder. We’re offended by the religious displays on government property. We think it’s constitutionally improper,” Wingrove said. . . .

Jeff Quinton comments: “[W]hat would the reaction be in both the media and in public opinion if this was a display mocking the religion of Jews, Muslims, or any other non-Christian faith?”



55 Responses to “God Bless You, Mary Zenecki!”

  1. Anonymous
    December 7th, 2011 @ 10:41 am

    BTW, the person who put up the Skele-Santa is a Christian. So, your claim that this is an attack on Christianity is untrue, unless Christians are attacking Christianity.

  2. Anonymous
    December 7th, 2011 @ 10:45 am

    What pseudo-militant atheists? The Skele-Santa was put up by a Christian. The atheist group is only supporting that Christian’s right to put up what he wants. Or are you saying that supporting someone else’s right to free speech is militant?

  3. Anonymous
    December 7th, 2011 @ 10:52 am

    I never said you were an Islamic Jihadist, only that you sounded like one. And yes, I do have a right to my opinion that threatening to burn up things that offend your religious sensitivities is like something an Islamic Jihadist would do.
    Yes, I do support free speech, even yours.
    As for a baby, I already have one, and she’s beautiful, not a punishment at all.

  4. esantipapa
    December 7th, 2011 @ 1:05 pm

    Since fact checking is beyond some religious people (who take things on faith…lol) let’s fix a few things…

    Her name is CZARNECKI… Mary Czarnecki.  Her actions can’t be classified as civil disobedience because the actions she took were deconstruction (breaking down) of a publicly approved display.  This is covered under Virginia vandalism statutes.  Now, if she staged another sign, or moved the display, that is ALSO covered by Virginia vandalism statutes and grounds committee policies.  She would have been demonstrating civil disobedience by staging a sit-in or stand-in around the display (it is public land).  The whole point of civil disobedience is NOT breaking the law while making a scene.

    Now… the person who erected the display, is a Christian. The mother of this person is an atheist, and put up her own display. Both displays were damaged by vandals who were not brought to justice, charged, cited or otherwise noted in police logs. This is a two-fold crime.  The vandals broke Virginia law, the Sheriff’s department violated the 14th Amendment, and will probably be sued for it.

    And to add icing to the cake for all of you HATERS… more displays go up this Saturday (possibly including the Santa on a cross).  This time though, there will be cameras and state police present.

  5. K-Bob
    December 7th, 2011 @ 2:14 pm

    By now you must realize that was a smartass comment.

    The jihadists are as serious as an aneurism.

    May you be punished with that beautiful baby for the next seven decades.