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LIVE AT FIVE – 02.03.12

Posted on | February 3, 2012 | 4 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

House Republicans Rip Into Attorney General

Attorney General Holder

Panelists slam Holder for lack of cooperation on “Fast & Furious” probe; some panelists demand resignation as Democrats spin hearings as partisan attacks

Related: Family of slain Border Patrol agent sues government

Police Kill Two As Egyptian Rioting Continues
Second day of soccer riot sees violence spread to Suez

U.S. Fears Iran’s Links To Al Qaeda
Teheran may have provided aid to terrorist group

Surprise: The Donald Endorses Romney

Donald Trump and the Romneys in Vegas

Unpleasant surprise for Gingrich, but how much impact will it have?

Komen CEO Denies Partisanship Involved In Planned Parenthood Defunding

Senate Passes Insider-Trading Ban

Inoculating Against Religious Freedom

Detroit May Avoid State Takeover With Bing’s Union Deal

Obama’s New Jobs Plan For Veterans: Bring Back The CCC

Roseanne Barr Running For Green Party Nomination

Oil Hovers Above $96 Ahead Of U.S. Jobs Report
PRC Premier Raises Prospect Of Aiding European Rescue After Meeting Chancellor Merkel
Swiss Probe Twelve Banks Over Manipulation Of Interbank Lending Rates
Treasury Proposal Would Widen 401K Options
Greece Seeks Second Rescue, Fights To Stay In Euro
Stocks Stall Ahead Of Jobs Report
Bernanke Says Fed Won’t Tolerate Inflation To Boost Employment
Gold Futures Retreat From 11-Week High
Verisign Admits Multiple Hacks In 2010, Mum On Details
Be Everywhere: Google’s Real Social Strategy
WinPhone 8 Details Reportedly Leak
Puffington Host To Launch Live Streaming This Summer
Nokia Still Leads Global Mobile Market, With Samsung Right Behind
Google Joins Twitter In Support For Local Censorship

Doctor Clears Peyton Manning To Return To NFL

Peyton Manning

Colts still concerned about QB’s health

Josh Hamilton Has A Drink In Dallas Bar

“They Use You Up”: Hall Of Famer Tony Dorsett (Among Others) Suing NFL

Gagner Ties Gretzky’s Record In Oilers’ 8-4 Thumping Of Blackhawks

Nuggets Halt Clippers’ Streak With 112-91 Rout

#7 Duke Beats Virginia Tech 75-60

Nationals Sign Edwin Jackson For One Year, $10 Million

Pakistan Looking For Sweep Of England In Third Test Game; 53 For 7 After First Innings

Leslie Carter Dead Of Overdose, 25

Leslie Carter, 1986-2012 RIP

Pop singer sister of Aaron and Nick Carter under treatment for depression at the time

Demi Gets Visits From Bruce And Ashton

Beyonce Offered Judge Spot On “X Factor”

Gwen Stefani Discusses Split Rumors

How The Duchess Of Cambridge Is Spending Valentine’s Day While The Duke’s In The Falklands

Brad Pitt Kick-starts His Kids With Coke

Will “Back To The Future” Find Its Way To Broadway?

“Hunger Games” To Get One-Week IMAX Run

No Manscaping For Daniel Radcliffe – Also, Ladies, He Prefers You Without The Wax

UK Defense Secretary Denies Duke’s Tour In Falklands Is Provocation
UNSC Reaches Wobbly Consensus On Syria
NATO Defense Ministers See Afghanistan Combat Beyond 2014
Iran Trying To Hit Israeli Targets In Retaliation For Scientists’ Deaths
Khmer Rouge Chief Jailer Gets Life Sentence
Prokhorov Plans $17 Billion Charity Giveaway If He Beats Putin
164 Dead As Cold Snap Grips Europe
Nork Leader Backs Natural Gas Pipeline To ROK, Russia Says
Aussie PM Gillard Comes Under Pressure

Big Journalism: NPR Bitterly Disappointed As Komen Divorces Planned Parenthood
Pat Dollard: Twenty Democrat Senators Demand Komen Reinstate Planned Parenthood Funding
AmSpecBlog: Romney’s Moronic Indulgence Of Trump
Sister Toldjah: Former Congressman Bob Etheridge Running To Replace Perdue; Heath Shuler Retiring From Congress
CatholicVote.Org: Why Does Obama Do what He Does? Jesus Is The Answer!
Lonely Conservative: Obama Only Wants To Tax The Rich Because It’s What Jesus Would Do
PowerLine: Respecting Eric Holder
Weasel Zippers: Carney On Why Obama’s Forcing Catholic Employers To Pay For Contraception: People Of Faith Need Rubbers Too
Allahpundit: Panetta Says We’re Pulling Out Of Afghanistan A Year Early
Ed Morrissey: Rasmussen In Arizona – Romney 48, Gingrich 24, Santorum 13
Mickey Kaus: What Does Obama Do All Day?

SOTD: Wasting Time


4 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE – 02.03.12”

  1. Generation of the day « Don Surber
    February 3rd, 2012 @ 6:47 am

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  2. Obama Only Wants to Tax the Rich Because it’s What Jesus Would Do – Update – Video Added | The Lonely Conservative
    February 3rd, 2012 @ 8:41 am

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  3. Anonymous
    February 3rd, 2012 @ 1:27 pm

    I don’t see the Trump endorsement as much of a surprise. Rich men cotton to rich men, and the two of them like to act as if our economic problems stem in large part from China’s success.

    More to the point, however, is that Mitt, coming off a big victory and heading into likely win in Nevada, is by conventional wisdom a safe choice. It’s important to Trump’s ego to back a winner, and Newt looks highly questionable at present.

    There’s another factor. Trump is the type of guy who likes to be begged, which Gingrich has done plenty of. A bonus for him is to lead the beggar on, then dump him. Isn’t this how The Apprentice often works?

    Newt made an error by looking needy, and now Romney has made an error by showing a fawning attitude toward Trump, whose endorsement is unlikely to increase Romney’s vote total by a fraction of a percent, and whose backing might well hurt in the long run.

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