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Lefties Lack Perspective, Hence Their Gloom

Posted on | February 29, 2012 | Comments Off on Lefties Lack Perspective, Hence Their Gloom

by Smitty

To clarify, when I said ‘my tepid attitude‘, the scope of ‘my’ was me. I suppose that I can see where, in referring to Bill, he might have thought I was attempting to characterize his apparent severe disdain for Willard Mitt. Such was never my intent. I think Bill may be daft in his position, but the gorgeous thing about traditional America is that we don’t have to agree.

One area where I’m not in agreement with the bulk of conservatives is the whole gloom thing. Legal Insurrection’s little mood ring of a poll isn’t all that meaningful, but one does glean that, if conservatives were any more bummed out, they’d be Progressives:

What can I say to try to perk everyone up? My experience is that standing too close to the problem leads to despair. Fallible humans are going to tube almost everything, most of the time. But giving in to despair about it is a choice. Also a choice: the realization that the per-capita suckage of humanity is constant over time. That is, despite the internet and the seeming avalanche of death porn on the news, humanity is existentially no worse off than it ever was. I know, Progress was supposed to give birth to Utopia, but Progress, while sexual in nature, wasn’t really the kind that actually bears fruit, IYKWIMAITYD.

The angst that radiates from #OccupyResoluteDesk is just another sign of what a joke he is. Irrespective of the legal wrangling over the papers, BHO simply lacks an American spirit. The grey cloud of doom that sad little 3rd world dictator radiates is really what we’re managing here. That grey cloud can devour us, or we can blow it away in November.

Sure, you can hate on the candidates, for negative SuperPAC ads, for robo-calls, for finding plutocrat patrons to keep them afloat past bedtime, for looking like a grizzled Pinocchio. But that’s useless. They all suck. Get past that. Be passionate about principle, not candidates, people. Sure, the suckage may intensify, but, as long as we’re on about reason, capitalism, and liberty, everything else will follow naturally.


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