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Do We Now Know Why Media Matters Dumped M.J. Rosenberg?

Posted on | April 10, 2012 | 3 Comments

You may have missed it over the weekend when I mentioned that the lberal smear outfit Media Matters had parted ways with M.J. Rosenberg, who had been espousing the “Jews Against Israel” gibberish we’ve recently heard from the far-left “J-Street” movement.

Rosenberg tried to portray this move as voluntary, but in an update on the story, Jeff Dunetz remarks:

There is no evidence that MJ Rosenberg was fired. Perhaps he woke up one day and decided to quit a $130,000 a year job in a lousy economy just because he wanted to start a blog.

Doesn’t add up, you see? Permit me to suggest that the J-Street crowd have outlived their usefulness as “useful idiots,” and that some people who thought they were clever back in the day — when attacking “neocons” (nudge, nudge) was politically beneficial to Democrats — have overstayed their welcome.

What I’ve called the “Sirhan Sirhan Wing” of the Democratic Party is ultimately a liability to the party and, in a crucial election year, wisdom would suggest that they can’t afford to encumber their messaging apparatus (of which Media Matters is a key mechanism) with crazies who spew “Zionism is racism” bile and rant about the “Jewish Lobby.”

A public relations problem, at the very least, and so you can easily imagine how some of the folks at Media Matters must have reacted to this Internet video about Rosenberg’s anti-Israel rants:


Anybody want to guess who made that call? A Famous Friend of Hillary?

“Oh, the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round . . .”


3 Responses to “Do We Now Know Why Media Matters Dumped M.J. Rosenberg?”

  1. Adjoran
    April 10th, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

    The only error I see is “the Sirhan Sirhan wing of the Democratic Party.”  That was the case a few years ago, but since then they have captured the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.  The Dems used to tolerate the radical left, then tilted toward it, then leaned, then greased the slope and went for a ride down into the fever swamps. 

    All the while, the traditional liberal Jews who had supplied the biggest financial support for Democrats outside of Big Labor just went blithely along, business as usual.  They accommodated the Big Bubba from Arkansas, supported Gore and Kerry and Obama because they had been to the right schools.  Only now are they waking up to what the Democratic Party has become.

    Democrats don’t even try to hide it like they once did.  The whole “neo-con” thing gave them an opening, and the barbaric Palestinians were as good a “victim group” as any for their purposes.

    Jewish sympathy for Marxism has led to much death and suffering, with Jews being no exception.  They’ve always managed to ignore the antisemitism and brutal violence of the far left until it was too late.  Maybe some are waking up now.  Maybe that’s why Obama’s fundraising is lagging far behind projections, even behind Bush’s at this point in 2004.

    I don’t look at converts as johnny-come-latelies, I see them as badly needed reinforcements.  Welcome aboard the Freedom Train!

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