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LIVE AT FIVE: 10.05.12

Posted on | October 5, 2012 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Romney, Ryan Rally In Virginia To Build On Debate Mittmentum

Thousands turn out to see Romney & Ryan

Fishersville rally features NRA endorsement, Trace Adkins mini-concert
Attacks sharpen after debate

UNSC Condemns Syrian Mortar Attack
Russians, as usual, being obstructive
Parliamentary approval of further strikes triggers anti-war protests in Turkey

Border Patrol Agent Killed By Friendly Fire?
Investigators not ruling it out

Romney Walks Back 47% Comment On Hannity

Sean Hannity

“In this case, I said something that’s just completely wrong.”

San Francisco’s New Archbishop Takes Over
Gays predictably butthurt

LA Police Chief Proposes Leniency For Some Jailed Illegals

Former Illinois Power Broker Given Year In Jail For Shakedown

Hospitals, Nursing Homes Brace For Medicare Cuts

The Return Of Simpson-Bowles?

Debate Thrusts Big Bird Into Presidential Campaign

Oil Surges On Syro-Turkish Fighting, Weaker Dollar; NYMEX $91.71, Brent $112.58
Bank Of Japan Holds Off On New Stimulus Despite Mounting Political Pressure
Samsung Sees Record High 3Q Earnings
Fed’s Bullard Warns US Can’t Inflate Its Way Out Of Debt
Zynga Plummets 19% After Cutting 2012 Outlook
Weak Labor Market Looms Ahead Of Elections
Facebook Investor IPO Lawsuits Consolidated Under NY Judge
Google Settles Book-Scanning Battle With Publishers
Map Apps To Bypass Apple/Google Rivalry
Scareware Scammer Hit With $163 Million Fine
Facebook Shutters “The Cool Hunter” Page Over Copyright Issues

NHL Cancels First Part Of Regular Season

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and some flunky

82 regular-season games cancelled through October 24

Rams Get Nine Sacks To Break Cards’ Winning Streak

Red Sox Reconstruction Needs To Go Beyond Firing Valentine

Shaq Names Two Top Centers; One Of Them Is A Nyet

TCU QB Casey Pachall Suspended After DWI Arrest

Rockets Rookie Misses Camp, Dealing With Anxiety Disorder

MLB Hitting Coaches Hitting The Bricks In Droves

Curt Schilling Lists Bloody Sock As Bankruptcy Collateral

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Vogue Cover Debut

Jennifer Lawrence

Hardcopy due out Saturday

Carey/Minaj Feud Heats Up With Gun Reports

Paramount Taps Sacha Baron Cohen For Reality-Based Comedy “The Lesbian”

More Than $127,000 In Jewelry Burgled From Julianne Moore’s Apartment

Nicole Kidman Finally Talks About Her Divorce From Tom Cruise

Just Don’t Call Christina Hendricks Full-Figured

Nicole Scherzinger Claims She Sang 95% Of Pussycat Dolls’ Songs On Her Own

Suspicious Package Targeted Bristol Palin

US Dismisses Iran’s Plan To Defuse Nuke Crisis
Venezuela’s Election Season Closes With Massive Rallies
Jordan’s King Abdullah Dissolves Parliament, Calls Early Elections
Russia Condemns Drone Strikes In Pak Tribal Areas
Dutch Abortion Ship Turned Away From Moroccan Port
Former Philippine President Arroyo Served Arrest Warrant In Hospital
Karzai Accuses US Of Duplicity In Fighting Afghan Rebels

WyBlog: The Cleveland Clinic, Cited As A Model By Obama, Is Actually Illegal Under Obamacare
Riehl World News: Obama Campaign Realizes They Were Badly Hurt By Debate Performance
Neo-neocon: Today’s Spin – Obama Just Too Nice A Guy
Legal Insurrection: A New Cloak For Media Bias
Weekly Standard Blog: Biden Admits “Yes, We Do Want To Raise Taxes By A Trillion Dollars”
American Power: Stunned Leftists Look To “Fact-Checkers” To Rescue President From Epic Debate Debacle
Gateway Pundit: Sununu slams Obama – “When You’re Not That Bright, You Can’t Get Better Prepared”
Weasel Zippers: Was Obama Rattled BY Looming Donor Scandal?
Hit & Run: Presidential Debate Ratings Up Over 2008. No, Really.
Protein Wisdom: NAACP Official Alleges Threats From Obama Campaign Staffer
NewsBusters: PBS Strikes Back
Megan McArdle: Iran On The Verge Of Hyperinflation
Hot Air: Jon Stewart Notices The President Isn’t Looking Quite As Brilliant As He Used To
Jammie Wearing Fools: International Media – You Know, This Obama Chap Is Pretty Incompetent
GayPatriot: Must Be George W. Bush’s Fault
Jihad Watch: Arabs Riot For Third Day On Temple Mount
Vodkapundit: Charles Blow Rides The Obama Debate Sit N’Spin


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    October 5th, 2012 @ 3:34 pm

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