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LIVE AT FIVE: 10.10.12

Posted on | October 10, 2012 | 10 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Pelosi Offers Debate Advice To Biden

From sideshow joke to savior of the campaign?

No, I didn’t find this in the Onion.

State Department: Oh, That Libya Attack? Yeah, That Was Terrorism
White House left twisting in the wind

Romney Says Mortgage, Charity Deductions Not Going Anywhere
Embracing a moderate persona, or just being sensible?
Also, abortion not on the agenda

Owners Of “Sesame Street” Want Obama To Pull Big Bird Ad

Not the actual ad

Use of character unauthorized, CTW says

Board Of Supervisors To Vote On Sheriff Mirkarimi’s Fate

Number of  EndemonisedAmerican Protestants In Steep Decline

Supremes To Reconsider Racial Quotas

Florida Democrats, Hispanic Group Hit With Vote Fraud Charges

Schumer Grandstands Again While Bipartisan Senate Group Looks For Agreement On Tax Reform

Supreme Court Dismisses Secret Surveillance Suits Against Telcos

Walsh, Duckworth Tangle In Raucous Debate

Oil Rebounds On Supply Jitters: NYMEX $89.83, Brent $112.45
Feds Allege Mortgage Fraud At Wells Fargo
IMF Says Eurozone Capital Flight Will Come Back To Haunt UK
Walmart Takes On Banks With Prepaid Amex Card
Marathon Buys BP Refinery In $2.5 Billion Deal
Cummins Cuts Guidance, Plans Jobs Cuts
Variety Magazine Grabbed By Web Rival In Fire Sale
New Jersey No Longer Worst For Business
Microsoft Rolls Out Massive Windows 8 Update
Ten Tips For Playing “Dishonored” Without Shedding A Drop Of Blood
Slingbox Announces New Models
Lenovo Offers A Thinkpad With A Twist
More HTML5 Deemed Ready-To-Use In Firefox 16
Analyst: No Blackberry 10 Phones Until March 2013

Anderson Pitches A’s Past Tigers To Avoid Sweep

Coco Crisp saves another one

Oakland blanks Detroit 2-0 to stay alive in the ALCS

Giants Win In Extras To Force Game 4

Try As He Might, Sanchez Can’t Carry Jets

Lakers’ Howard Cleared For Practice Scrimmages

Red Wings Announcer Budd Lynch Dies, 95

JJ Watt Goes From Pizza Delivery Guy To NFL Star

NASCAR Won’t Penalize Kurt Busch For Talladega Flipout

Tim Tebow Gets Shirtless For God, The New York Jets, And Servant Women

Rhea Perlman Gives Danny DeVito The Boot After Thirty Years

Rhea and Danny

Actress finally got tired of his wandering eye, filed for divorce Monday

Olivia Wilde Talked A Lot About Her Vagina Yesterday

Sarah Palin Writing A Fitness Book?

Fleetwood Smack: Stevie Nicks Has Harsh Words For “Idol” Diva Nicki Minaj

Matthew McConaughey Drops Weight

Unspeakable Armenian And Rapper BF Looking For Miami Mansion

Lady Gaga Visits Assange At Ecuadorean Embassy

“Dancing With The Stars” Double Elimination Results

Taliban Target Teenage Rights Activist; Surgery To Remove Bullet Successful
Mexico’s President Lauds Marines For Killing Zetas Kingpin
Official Warmth, Public Rage Greet Merkel In Athens
Netanyahu Calls For Elections After Coalition Fails To Agree On 2013 Budget
Aussie PM’s Misogyny Speech Goes Viral
Norks Rattle Sabers, Threaten ROK, US With ICBMs
Newly Elected Georgia Leaders Promise To Look West

The Looking Spoon: When Obama Meets Jerry Maguire
Zilla Of The Resistance: Andrew Sullivan Has A Sad
WyBlog: The Same Government That Can Force You To Buy Healthcare Could Keep You From Selling Your Old iPod
Villainous Company: Et Tu, Big Bird?
NRO Corner: Obama Camp Claims “Strong Grassroots Outcry” Over Attacks On Big Bird
Lonely Conservative: Romney Wonders What’s With Obama’s Big Bird Obsession
Riehl World View: Left Turns On Obama Over Big Bird Ad; Bush Prosecuted Those Wall Streeters, Where’s Eric Holder?
Tim Cavanaugh: Obama Vows To Protect Big Bird; US Ambassadors, Not So Much
Weasel Zippers: Gallup Poll Of Likely Voters Shows Romney Up 49-47
Power Line: How Romney Flipped Obama’s Narrative
Allahpundit: On Eve Of Hearings, State Department Admits There Was No Protest Before Benghazi Attack
Gateway Pundit: US Rich Pay More In Taxes Than Any Other Industrialized Nation, Report Says
Jennifer Rubin: Obama Cultists’ Crackup
Jammie Wearing Fools: Ann Romney Says “Say, That Obama’s A Really Sore Loser, Huh?”


10 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE: 10.10.12”

  1. Adjoran
    October 10th, 2012 @ 5:23 am

    I wonder if six days of intense preparation for an aging Biden who isn’t all that sharp to begin with might not be too much. Maybe too much even for a guy with more on the ball.

    It’s a lot of pressure. Biden isn’t bad at debates, makes plenty of factual errors (lies a lot) but gives a reasonable impression. But after Obama was taken to the woodshed by Romney, it’s all up to Biden to save their incompetent regime from a historical defeat.

    Don’t choke, Joe! 😛

  2. Zilla of the Resistance
    October 10th, 2012 @ 6:54 am

    Thanks for linking Keiko’s post, Wombat!
    You crammed so much awesome into today’s post that I think it makes up for yesterday’s missing one.

  3. rosalie
    October 10th, 2012 @ 9:11 am

    You might be right about the “intense preparation”. I think that Biden has gotten worse over the past couple of years. He seems to be living in his own little world lately.

  4. Wombat-socho
    October 10th, 2012 @ 11:27 am

    I have a bottle of tequila, now all I need is a twist of lyme. Can you help me out?

  5. Zilla of the Resistance
    October 10th, 2012 @ 11:47 am

    Fuck off impersonator troll. Don’t you have anything better to do than to pretend to be other people just to harass me? And your joke is retarded, and PLAYED OUT, since you keep saying it over and over and over again. Retard.

  6. jlwellfonder
    October 10th, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

    They’re pathetic Zilla, don’t let them steal your joy. They’re haters with no life. Those of us who know you, actually KNOW you, know these trolls are full of it.

  7. Zilla of the Resistance
    October 10th, 2012 @ 12:09 pm

    Thanks, Jackie. They can’t have my joy. I know that the troll is just ButtHurt because we elitist bloggers stole its destiny. 😉
    The troll is just so abysmally BORING, always saying the same old crap; the “twist of Lyme” lameness is something is has been spewing since APRIL. How stupid is this creature that it can’t even think of a new lame insult?

  8. Wombat_socho
    October 10th, 2012 @ 1:31 pm

    Pretty dumb. Feel free to blacklist that e-mail address, folks; if nothing else, the troll will have to work a bit harder to find a new cover to hide behind.
    Also, thanks for the compliments!

  9. Zilla of the Resistance
    October 10th, 2012 @ 1:34 pm

    The weenie also apparently ran through the TOM comments section and distributed down twinkles for everyone. I guess it thinks that will ruin somebody’s day? What a rube.

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