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LIVE AT FIVE: 12.04.12

Posted on | December 4, 2012 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Republican $4.6 Trillion Fiscal Cliff Counter-proposal Rejected

Speaker Boehner leaves a press conference

Proposal based on Simpson-Bowles committee concepts, though Bowles disclaims parentage

Obama Warns Assad Against Using Nerve Gas On Rebels
“There will be consequences and you will be held accountable.”

Duchess Of Cambridge Pregnant, Palace Confirms
Wills & Kate expecting first child; Kate in hospital with hideous morning sickness

Obama Wants Four More Years For Debbie Downer At The DNC

The President and the DNC Chair

President’s nod virtually assures Wasserman-Schultz’ return as head of Democratic National Committee

Navy Cross, Silver Stars Awarded To SpecOps Marines

Military Judge At Nidal Hassan Court-Martial Removed From Case

Governor Cuomo Goes To Washington

Supreme Court Silent On Gay Marriage Cases

Great Lakes States’ Asian Carp Suit Rejected

Crude Prices Slip On Manufacturing Numbers, Lack Of Solution To Fiscal Cliff: NYMEX $88.91, Brent $110.78
Manufacturing Declines To Weakest Level Since June 2009
Stocks Slump In December Opener
Oracle Paying 2013 Dividends Early To Beat Uncle Sam
Big Four PRC Affiliates Accused Of Blocking SEC Probes
South African Company To Build First US Gas-To-Liquid Plant
Samsung “Project J” Rumor Hints At Galaxy S IV In April 2013
Facebook Wins Preliminary OK Of “Sponsored Stories” Settlement
GNAA Tumblr Tantrum Is No WikiLeaks
Don’t Blame Me For txtspk, Says Sender Of First SMS
Apple’s New “Assembled In USA” iMac A Bear To Upgrade, Repair
How Microsoft Can Save Windows And Maintain Its Iron Grip Over IT
PengPod, A True Linux Tablet, Hits Its Mark On Indiegogo
“Bioshock Infinite” Developer Hires Stunning Real Life Elizabeth Lookalike

Surgery For A-Rod, Resignation For Yankees

Alex Rodriguez

Out for up to six months, will probably get as many hits as he would in the lineup

Giants Sign Angel Pagan, 4 Years/$40 Million

NIU Fans Pumped For Orange Bowl

Mets GM Sandy Alderson Openly Entertaining Offers For R.A. Dickey

Sri Ram Sene Opposes India-Pakistan Cricket Series

Nationals Sign Lefty Zach Duke

Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts Seized By IRS

Lindsay Lohan arriving for a private dinner

Revenooers want $234K from 2009-2010, unspecified amount from 2011

John Travolta Sued By Alleged Gay Lover

Katt Williams Busted In Seattle After Bar Fight

Adam Levine Trashes “Honey Boo Boo” As “The Decay Of Western Civilization”

Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Enjoy A Romantic Day Out

Nylon + Lucy Hale

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Celebrate Engagement With Star-Studded Bash

Johnny Depp Performs With Alice Cooper In L.A.

Israel Rejects US, Euro Criticism Over Settlement Plans
Pope Orders Bishops to Exert Closer Control Over Catholic Charities
Congolese Troops Enter Goma After Rebel Withdrawal
Hamas Leader Tells Fatah: Let’s Fight Israel Together
Pope Benedict XVI Goes On Twitter As @Pontifex
Norks Defy Sanctions, Place Rocket On Launchpad

Legal Insurrection: If We’re Doing Doomsday, Let’s Really Do Doomsday
Andrew Malcolm: As America Faces A Fiscal Cliff, The Obamas Make Do With 54 Christmas Trees
Weasel Zippers: President Deems GOP Fiscal Offer Not Serious Enough To Deserve Counter-Proposal
Power Line: Why Are Republicans Losing The Tax Debate?
Rick Moran: Petition Calls On White House To Build The Death Star
Mary Katherine Ham: Polls Say Nation That Elected Obama Wants More Spending Cuts Than Tax Hikes And Still Hates Obamacare
Keith Hennessey: Time To Call The President’s Budget Bluff
Rush Limbaugh: What Made Jovan Belcher Murder The Mother Of His Child?
Ed Driscoll: Dispatches From Post-Racial America
Twitchy: Pope Benedict XVI Joins Twitter, Vile Hate Begins Before His First Tweet
Matthew Boyle: Why I’m Enlisting In Andrew Breitbart’s War
Jed Babbin: No Ifs, Thens, Or Buts
Protein Wisdom: Bob Costas’ Anti-Gun Rant – The Fallout


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