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LIVE AT FIVE: 01.09.13

Posted on | January 9, 2013 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho
US Open To Zero Option In Afghanistan

SecDef Panetta speaks to the troops in Kandahar last month

No residual force after 2014?
Bill Richardson Presses Norks To Open Internet
Somehow we don’t think Droid phones and 4chan are what Great Successor has in mind for the scientific and technical progress of his country

Little Enthusiasm On Capitol Hill For Hagel Nomination
Veteran Dems expected to shepherd Hagel nomination

This Year’s Jim Brady: Gabrielle Giffords Takes On The NRA

Former Congresswoman Giffords last year at the DNC

Giffords and her husband launch lobbying group to promote “common sense” gun control

Piers Morgan, Alex Jones Face Off

NOAA Claims 2012 Hottest Year In American History

Chris Christie’s State Of The State Short On Detail And Void Of Initiatives

Judge Says Texas School Can Force Students To Wear Locator Chip

Harsh Detention No Reason To Drop Charges Against Wikileaker, Judge Says

Pulitzer Prize Winning Political Reporter & Author Richard Ben Cramer Dies, 62

Lindsey Graham Threatens To Block Brennan’s CIA Nomination

California Budget Seen As First Test For Triumphant Democrats

Oil Prices Continue Slide On US Economy Concerns: NYMEX $93.13, Brent $111.82
Dish Makes Unsolicited Offer For Clearwire
Woes Cloud Boeing Dreamliner’s Future
Asian Shares Rise As Earnings Eyed
IRS Says Tax Returns On Hold Until January 30
California Insurance Commish Slams Anthem Blue Cross Rate Increases
AIG Considers Suing Feds Over Bailout
The Name Is Bond And The Outlook Is Very Risky
Target Takes Aim At Online Rivals, Offers Year-Round Price Matching
Apple May Debut Low-Cost iPhone For Emerging Markets In 2013
Infographic: The Rise Of Android
Apple CEO Makes Second Visit To PRC As Stores Double
Congressman Demands Investigation Of Leaks In Google Antitrust Case
T-Mobile Launches Unlimited 4G Data Plan For $70/Month
Red Chinese Businessman Pleads Guilty To $100 Million Online Piracy Scam
Sony, Lenovo Revive Tabletop PC Idea

RG3 To Have Surgery On Torn Knee Ligaments

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III heads back to the huddle in Sunday’s game

How long to recover? Too early to tell

Bonds, Clemens Not Expected To Make Cooperstown On The First Ballot

Tide Poised To Keep Rolling In 2013

ESPN Apologizes For Brent Musburger Being A Horny Old Goat

Rockets Blow Through Lakers 125-112 For Fifth Straight Win

Nyets Keep Winning For PJ, Win Fourth Straight 109-89 Against Sixers

Ten Biggest Lies From Today’s Jets Press Conference

LaRoche, Nationals Agree To Two-Year Deal; Whither Morse?

Charlie Sheen’s Dating Another Porn Star

Georgia Jones

To quote Celebslam: “Is this really news any more?”

Kanye West And His Unspeakable GF Drop $11 Million On New Mansion

Charlie Sheen Calls Out Mayor Villaraigosa For Lying About Partying

Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling Glam It Up At “Gangster Squad” Premiere

Mariah Carey Addresses Nicki Minaj Feud On “American Idol”: It Felt Like An Unsafe Work Environment

The Game Tells Justin Bieber: Don’t Be An Idiot, Get A Weed Card

Lindsay Lohan Still Partying Like A Free Woman

Larry Miller Recovers From Near-Lethal Brain Injury

Second Inquest Confirms Amy Winehouse Died Of Alcohol Poisoning

Venezuela Postpones Chavez’ Swearing-In
India Weighs Response After “Ghastly” Pakistani Attack In Kashmir
Senkaku Intrusions By PRC Seen As Test For PM Abe
Two Of Delhi’s Gang Rape Suspects Plead Not Guilty
Afghan Soldier Kills British Soldier, Wounds Six
CCP Orders Printing Of “No Place For Free Press In China” Editorial In PRC Papers
PRC Anti-censorship Protest Attracts Widespread Support
Qatar Throws Egypt $2.5 Billion Currency Lifeline
UN Says War In Syria Blocking Food Aid From A Million People
Cool Change A Respite From Scorcher Across Australia

Stiletto Blog: Al-Gorezeera Cashes Out His Carbon Credits
Megan McArdle: Washington Goes Platinum
Allahpundit: Piers Morgan – Alex Jones The Best Advertisement For Gun Control You Could Wish For
John Lott: Responding To Piers Morgan’s Alex Jones Interview
Legal Insurrection: Gawker Link-Baits With List Of NYC Gun Owners
NewsBusters: Was “Hottest Year On Record” Based On Phony Data?
The Jawa Report: Out – Trutherism/Birtherism, In – Massacreism?
Weekly Standard Blog: Obama Advisor Says Hagel Will Bring “Huge Cuts” To The Military
Via Meadia: David Brooks On Welfare, Warfare, And The Policy Deficit
Twitchy: Gabby Giffords And Mark Kelly Launch Gun-Grabbing Campaign To Counter “Ideological Fringe”
Protein Wisdom: A Nation Divided, 12
JustOneMinute: Interesting But VERY Misleading
NRO Corner: Al Gore – Crummy Boss
Ed Driscoll: Current TV Staffers Have A Moment Of Clarity
Beltway Confidential: McChrystal Says Hagel Qualified To Be SecDef
Boston Herald: Liz Warren Won’t Claim To Be First Native American Senator From Massachusetts
Breitbart: Morsi Asks Obama To Free The Blind Sheik


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