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LIVE AT FIVE: 06.06.13

Posted on | June 6, 2013 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

SSG Bales’ Guilty Plea Accepted
Admits guilt in killing 16 Afghan civilians, avoids death penalty

Obama Selects Reliable Liar As National Security Adviser
Ambassador Rice to be replaced at UN by former White House adviser Samantha Power

Pakistani Parliament Formally Elects Nawaz Sharif As PM
Speech focused on economy but also called on US to cease drone strikes

Verizon Customer? The NSA Can Hear You Now

NSA headquarters at Fort Meade

NSA headquarters at Fort Meade

Grauniad claims millions of phone records collected under secret court order

Colorado Governor Signs Bill Increasing Renewable Energy Requirement; Also Signs Executive Order Blocking Bill’s Implementation

SecDef Panetta Revealed Name Of Bin Laden Raid Leader To “Zero Dark Thirty” Filmmakers

TSA Drops Plan To Allow Small Knives On Planes

House Committee Acts To Limit Military Authority In Sexual Assault Cases

EPA Dismantles “Man Caves” Found In Maryland Warehouse

Oil Spikes On Stockpile Drop, Brent Continues Slide: NYMEX $93.74, Brent $103.04
ADP Reports Only 135K Jobs Added In May
Will The Dollar Drag The Dow Down Further?
YYen Rallies Past 100/Dollar
Stocks Slide After Weak Economic Reports
Treasury, UAW To Sell 50 Million Shares Of GM Stock
Samsung Targets Sony’s Xperia Z With Galaxy S4 Active
Focus, Criticism Shifts To Amazon In Apple E-Book Trial
Malware That Drains Your Bank Account Thrives On Facebook
Amazon Resurrects The Kindle DX
“The Last Of Us” Would Have Been Better With No Guns

Is Baseball’s Mess With Biogenesis Just Beginning?

The Prince of Insufficient Light, sometimes called Bud Selig

The Prince of Insufficient Light, sometimes called Bud Selig

Biggest PED scandal for baseball since BALCO?

NHL Suspends Blackhawks’ Keith; Will Miss Game 4

Grand Rapids Griffins, Syracuse Crunch Face Off For The AHL’s Calder Cup

Rutgers AD Herrmann Ready To Deal With “National Embarrassment”

Stephen Strasburg Goes On 15-Day DL With Lat Strain

Nashville Celebrates Kellie Pickler’s DWTS Win

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler

Opens Grand Ole Opry, gets hero’s welcome

Paris Jackson Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Pippa Middleton Named Vanity Fair Contributing Editor

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Engaged

Lindsey Vonn Forced To Take Olympic Drug Test At Glam Gala

Producer Claims Miley Cyrus NOT Singing About Drugs

We’re Going To Have Keith Olbermann To Kick Around Again

IMF Admits “Notable Failures” In Greek Bailout

Syrian Loyalists, Hezbollah Retake Qusair

US, Venezuela Hope To Restore Ambassadors

Obama, PRC’s Premier Xi To Meet Informally In California

UN Cautious Over French Claims Assad’s Forces Used Sarin

Israeli Judge Resigns After Rape Comment

Femen Activists On Trial In Tunisia For Topless Protest

Valley of the Shadow: Democrats Love Big Brother

Michelle Malkin: The Most Transparent Administration Ever, LOL

Vodkapundit: Tell Us What You Really Think

Via Meadia: Obama’s Foreign Policy Picks Rally The Home Team

Legal Insurrection: Woman Who At Best Was Clueless Dupe During Benghazi Scandal Promoted To National Security Adviser

Power Line: Dangle This

Weasel Zippers: House Talks On Immigration Reform On Verge Of Collapse

NRO Corner: Senator Mike Lee Says Marco Rubio’s Approach To Immigration Reform “Nonsensical”

Gateway Pundit: Top IRS Obamacare Official Given Administrative Leave (Paid Vacation) For Taking Bribes

Hit & Run: What Lindsey Graham (Maybe) Meant To Say About Bloggers And Why It’s Still Wrong

Riehl World News: DEA Says Soccer Mom Ran Huge Pot Growing Operation

James Pethokoukis: Nine Reasons Why The 4-Year-Old US Economic Recovery Is Closer To Awful Than Awesome


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