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‘How Dare You Quote Me, Haters?!’

Posted on | November 6, 2013 | 51 Comments

There is a phenomenon on the Left — especially among academics and other “intellectual” types, including feminists — where they become so used to living within cocoons of like-minded sympathizers that they don’t realize how weird their ideas seem to normal people. And so, when somebody outside the cocoon takes notice and quotes their deranged gibberish, these people claim victimhood: Those right-wing [sexists, homophobes, racists, Koch-funded Rethuglicans, whatever] are [harassing, libeling, slut-shaming, whatever] me!

You can ask Jeanette Runyon how she has actually been reported to the police for the alleged crime of quoting some of the “Free Kate” weirdos who want to legalize sex with 14-year-olds.

See, the Left has spent so long preaching the rhetoric of “rights” that some of them have begun to believe their own propaganda, so that merely disagreeing with them makes you a criminal.

Feminists are absolutely the worst about this. When I reported rather frankly about the craziness of “SlutWalk DC,” it  spurred a berserk reaction that included not only the accusation that I was a misogynist (yawn) but also variations of the claim that my reporting and commentary constituted harassment, a sort of word-rape that traumatized the helpless victims of my hate-blogging.

Only within the progressive cocoon do people think this way, so you will not be surprised to learn about Gish Jen, a novelist who wrote a column for the Boston Globe that treated the Boston Marathon bombers as if they were victims of intolerance:

It’s hard not to recall these things and wonder: Did we fail the Tsarnaevs somehow? It’s not clear that we did. And yet for people who knew Dzhokhar especially, who had seen him at school, who had studied and partied and played sports with him, the lurking fear has been that we failed to truly open our hearts, that we accepted him, but only up to a point.

Of course: People who commit heinous crimes against the innocent can’t be held responsible for their acts. Blame society!

And when people who disagreed with Gish Jen quoted her?

Yeah, she’s a victim who was hatefully quoted by haters.



51 Responses to “‘How Dare You Quote Me, Haters?!’”

  1. Alessandra
    November 8th, 2013 @ 7:45 am


    Alas! Thank God we have you to tell us how to think. And I, who thought environment, ideology, conditioning, and psychology explained dysfunctional behavior. But no, that’s so 1950s – now we have real science: epigenetics!

    I’m sure more enlightened folks like yourself must still lean a bit towards the placenta water theory as to why little bro put a pack of explosives in his backpack. The ol’ “devil made me do it” excuse has been finally discarded in favor of the objective science of eugenics, I mean, epigenetics. Indeed, why would someone do something deviant, if he could choose?

    As for vocabulary, as part of my request to be admitted to enlightened progressive intellectual circles, I submit “criminays” and “criminesbians.” Ya know, “criminals” sounds so cold and… scientific, oops, I mean, well, just cold and bigoted.

    Besides, if a criminay or a criminesbian doesn’t bother me, who I am to judge?