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For Which He Cannot Be Forgiven

Posted on | April 16, 2014 | 51 Comments

The sordid details of the Doug Phillips sex scandal have so disturbed me that I am tempted to say some very un-Christian things.

You might want to go read this article at World Magazine — be sure to read all four pages — which references the fact that last month, Phillips had the effrontery to threaten legal action against Peter Bradrick, Jordan Muela, and Bob Renaud, three Christian colleagues who attempted to hold him accountable.

Forgive my un-Christian thoughts about that, OK?

Go read what Doug Phillips wrote about Lourdes Torres in 2003.

Now go read what (allegedly) he did to Lourdes beginning in 2007.

Perhaps you are also having un-Christian thoughts about Doug Phillips now. Extremely violent un-Christian thoughts.

Some of his deluded followers refused to recognize that Phillips “isn’t just an adulterer, he’s an abusive narcissistic sociopath”:

Sadly, there remain thousands of home schoolers who just don’t get it. They’ve learned nothing from the example of the disastrous life of Doug Phillips. They don’t recognize they were conned by a huckster, a carnival barker, a facile manipulator.

Professor Donald Douglas is likewise disgusted with all this, and calls attention to the very worst thing Doug Phillips did: He gave Amanda Marcotte a reason to gloat. Maybe Jesus can forgive that. Not me.

UPDATE: You may want to read Jennifer Epstein’s long but very informative first-person account of what church governance was like under Doug Phillips’ leadership. Let me stipulate that, if I were trying to build a harmonious congregation, I might be reluctant to have Jennifer Epstein as a member. On the other hand, the church governance under Phillips was autocratic and unhelpful to a couple in need. The worst of it was when Phillips had his attorney send Epstein’s husband a letter threatening legal action for slander, libel and blackmail. There is simply no need for such behavior among Christians. If reconciliation is impossible, just walk away and be done with it, but threatening a lawsuit? Crazy.



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