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‘She Could Be the Victim’

Posted on | February 18, 2015 | 25 Comments

Nicole Dufault likes young boys, allegedly:

A Maplewood (N.J.) teacher has been indicted on charges of sexually assaulting six male students, Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray announced today.
Nicole Dufault, 35, of Caldwell, was indicted on 40 counts of aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, according to a press release from the prosecutor’s office.
Dufault was arrested and charged in September with engaging in sex acts with five male students, but by the time the case was presented to the grand jury, a sixth victim had been identified, prosecutors said. . . .
Dufault, a Bloomfield native, has been a language arts teacher at Columbia High School for nine years, prosecutors said. . . .
A single mother of two young sons, Dufault is accused of engaging in sexual activity with the six students on multiple occasions between 2013 and 2014, prosecutors said. Some of the sex acts occurred on school property and in her car, prosecutors said.
The victims were between 14 and 15 years old at the time of the incidents, prosecutors said.
The evidence against Dufault allegedly includes a video of her performing oral sex on one of the victims, according to Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Gina Iosim, who is handling the case. The video shows Dufault performing the sex act on one of the victims while another victim is present, Iosim said. . . .
Following a Sept. 26 hearing, Dufault’s attorney, Timothy Smith, said “sometimes a video…doesn’t tell the entire story,” and suggested that Dufault could be the victim.
“If the video depicts certain things happening…that doesn’t mean that my client’s not innocent,” said Smith, adding that “for example, she could be the victim.”

Yeah. Good luck convincing the jury your client is a “victim.” Elsewhere in New Jersey, another teacher has been suspended after a 911 call from a worried mom sent police to her house:

A first-grade Edison schoolteacher was arrested and charged with child endangerment after an alleged booze party at her home led to life-threatening levels of intoxication for a 15-year-old.
Tracey Harding, 50, of South Brunswick, was arrested after the Friday night bash, police said. . . .
Officers arrived on scene to find the 15-year-old “semi-responsive and heavily intoxicated,” according to police. Several other teens were in the house, police said.
The boy was taken to Saint Peter’s University Hospital by the Monmouth Junction First Aid Squad.
The teens had been drinking vodka, beer and other alcohol, police said. The 15-year-old boy’s blood alcohol level was at life-threatening levels. He was released from the hospital after a few hours.

Public school teachers are a menace to society.

UPDATE: An investigation by the Associated Press “found 2,570 educators whose teaching credentials were revoked, denied, surrendered or sanctioned from 2001 through 2005 following allegations of sexual misconduct.”



25 Responses to “‘She Could Be the Victim’”

  1. Jeanette Victoria
    February 18th, 2015 @ 5:18 pm

    Has anyone wondered just why we see so much sexual abuse in schools? Especially by women?

  2. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    February 18th, 2015 @ 5:20 pm

    Maplewood, NJ? This is so Florida.

  3. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    February 18th, 2015 @ 5:23 pm

    At first I thought it was just the phenomenon of it being reported more (and possible copy cats from
    Mary Kay Letourneau). But with more and more cases of it coming up all the time I am starting to think there is more to it than that.

  4. Dianna Deeley
    February 18th, 2015 @ 5:39 pm

    These women are disgusting.

    My mother taught junior high for more years than I really care to think about, and I can’t imagine her (or her colleagues) engaging in this sort of behavior. It’s just revolting!

  5. kilo6
    February 18th, 2015 @ 6:07 pm

    Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked
    man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but, what is worse, as many masters as he has vices.

    – St. Augustine,City of God

    Feel free to ignore all words of wisdom from human history.
    Feel free to release yourself from “the shackles of tradition” as Franz Boas put it.
    Feel free to destroy mankind’s sense of values and kill the capacity to recognise greatness or to achieve it.
    It isn’t as if this approach has never been tried before, repeatedly throughout history.

  6. robertstacymccain
    February 18th, 2015 @ 6:15 pm

    Franz Boas! I haven’t heard that name in a dozen years! The father of Cultural Relativism.

  7. Daniel Freeman
    February 18th, 2015 @ 6:22 pm

    Not really. I always default to an overweening sense of entitlement: they think they deserve it.

  8. ECM
    February 18th, 2015 @ 6:42 pm

    While I’d love to read this GAO report (haven’t had any luck finding it online yet), this report from Newsmax on said report tries to explain it to some degree:

    The scope of the problem is so vast that the GAO had to selectively choose 15 case studies from 11 states for examination. In all 15 cases, teachers and staffers with a history of sexual misconduct were hired or retained; this included administrators. In at least 11 of these cases, schools allowed the child molesters to obtain or continue employment. “Even more disturbing,” the report found, “in at least 6 of the cases, offenders used their new positions as school employees or volunteers to abuse more children after they were hired.”

    In four of the cases, school officials allowed teachers faced with disciplinary action to resign rather than face punishment. “As a result,” it said, “these teachers were able to truthfully inform prospective employers that they had never been fired from a teaching position and eventually were able to harm more children.” In three of these cases, administrators actually provided the predators with letters of recommendation.

    Why did school officials allow the offenders to skate? Money. It could cost up to $100,000 to fire a teacher, one administrator said, even with “a slam dunk case.” That’s because the teachers’ unions will always defend the bottom of the barrel, no matter how morally destitute the teacher is. He can rape the kid in a closet and still walk.

    In two-thirds of the cases, no background check was made on prospective employees. Teachers, administrative staff, maintenance workers, volunteers, contractors — all of them are able to get by without pre-employment criminal history checks. The result? In most instances, the offenders had been convicted — not accused — of molesting children, and in a few cases they continued to rape kids where they were working.

    The GAO report seems to suggest that it’s a case of sexual predators going where the children are, and since there’s no background checks–and they can’t, effectively be fired–that it’s basically the perfect job if you’re looking to ply your ‘trade’ w/ near-impunity.

    (The fact that so many of these situations end up w/ multiple victims does, perhaps, lend some veracity to this argument.)

  9. Zohydro
    February 18th, 2015 @ 7:49 pm
  10. DeadMessenger
    February 18th, 2015 @ 8:03 pm

    Oh, come ON! Have a heart, would ya?

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  12. Shawn Smith
    February 18th, 2015 @ 9:56 pm

    It’s pretty obvious that if the media chose to do so, they could create a much bigger scandal around public schools than was ever around Catholic priests. But public schools are an ally and Christians are the enemy, so the dots will never be connected.

  13. Adobe_Walls
    February 18th, 2015 @ 11:22 pm

    Schools are where the kids are. The question becomes does the collection of children attract pedophiles or are there increasing numbers of pedophiles in society, some of whom just wind up in schools?

  14. Daniel Freeman
    February 19th, 2015 @ 1:28 am

    Of course predators go where the prey is; and with increasing school size from urbanization, the watering hole now attracts hundreds of dozens instead of just dozens. It’s like if vampires were real: there wouldn’t need to be more of them for them to have more opportunities now.

  15. Art Deco
    February 19th, 2015 @ 8:55 am

    My aunt spent most of her upbringing there (13 years), along with a mess of her cousins. She was very content with the place as it was ca. 1933. Old suburbs can be quite handsome in ways their post-war counterparts are not.

  16. Art Deco
    February 19th, 2015 @ 9:00 am

    If you’ve seen the movie Election or the clips, the protagonist says of a buddy of his on the faculty (later fired due to “a…situation”), “Dave was one of those teachers who taught because he never wanted to leave high school, but he was otherwise a good guy”. Perhaps the writers who put that line into Matthew Broderick’s mouth had some insight into a certain sort of transgressor.

  17. Art Deco
    February 19th, 2015 @ 9:06 am

    This woman is a high school teacher and the young men were indubitably post-pubescent and not coerced. I’m not sure there’s a term for that when the adult party is female. When it’s male-on-male, the correct term is ‘pederast’ or ‘ephebophile’, not pedophile.

  18. Art Deco
    February 19th, 2015 @ 9:08 am

    The woman’s trashy and a 35 year old broad with a pair of bastards does not attract much interest from grown men with other options. Her business was opportunistic (in addition to being grossly uscrupulous).

  19. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    February 19th, 2015 @ 9:45 am

    I bet she never ran to a female teacher who prayed on underaged students…what happened there?

  20. Durasim
    February 19th, 2015 @ 10:09 am

    Don’t worry. When these things come to light in some other state, Florida is always sure never to be left out.

  21. Art Deco
    February 19th, 2015 @ 12:47 pm

    People like my grandparents went out to pasture and were replaced in positions of authority by people who were disciplined and respected proper norms but ineffectual disciplinarians who failed to win the battle with the kultursmog.
    These good people, contemporaries of my aunt, were then replaced with the sort of tool who would tell a pollster that they thought Bill Clinton was a decent human being (36% of the American public at that time).
    I should note that my aunt and her husband did win the battle with the Kultursmog with her own children and, with some reversals along the way, so did her children.

  22. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    February 19th, 2015 @ 12:55 pm

    We can shorten it to “sex offender” or “felon” if you like.

  23. Anon Y. Mous
    February 19th, 2015 @ 1:56 pm

    I think you have to wait until after the conviction to go with felon.

    Or, as RSM carefully notes: alleged.

  24. LN_Smithee
    February 20th, 2015 @ 10:19 am

    The link to the story about the AP study showing 2500+ educator molestations in five years is strange. It’s on the site of KOMO, a TV station in Seattle (home of iconic child rapist Mary Kay Letourneau), but has no byline or dateline. It is accompanied by no video or audio.

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