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Queer Vegan Witch Accuses Radical Feminists of ‘Anti-Trans Violence’

Posted on | November 12, 2015 | 201 Comments

David Salisbury (@davidsalisbury) describes himself as “a queer, vegan, Witch . . . chief of the DC Bureau of the Pagan Newswire Collective . . . High Priest of Coven of the Spiral Moon . . . involved with street activism with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and . . . a full time employee with the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization.” Salisbury’s employment by HRC means that his various forms of “activism” necessarily reflect on the “civil rights organization” that pays him a full time salary.

HRC supported the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) which voters in Houston overwhelmingly rejected at the ballot box earlier this month, in large part because of concerns that the measure would have endangered girls and women by compelling “transgender” access to public restrooms and locker rooms. William Bigelow reported:

On October 5, campaign finance reports showed that the group supporting the measure, Houston Unites, had raised $1.2 million, while the group opposing it, Campaign for Houston, had raised only $275,000.
The Washington Times reported, “The ordinance, which included fines of up to $5,000 for preventing someone from using public accommodations, such as business-owned bathrooms open to the public, based on gender identity.” . .
HERO was openly supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton . . .

Despite a 4-to-1 money advantage, and despite the fact that Houston is a Democrat Party stronghold with a lesbian mayor, voters rejected HERO by a 61%-39% margin — a decisive defeat for the effort to “mainstream” transgenderism. The defeat of HERO was widely seen as a conservative victory. Hillary Clinton blamed “the far right” which she said created “a lot of fear, and a lot of anxiety” about “the bathroom issue . . . that was totally without merit, that there was no basis for it.”

The problem with such a claim, however, is that it is rejected by radical feminists, who believe that “the bathroom issue,” as Mrs. Clinton calls it, does have “merit.” There is a petition to “Drop the T” from LGBT:

We are a group of gay/bisexual men and women who have come to the conclusion that the transgender community needs to be disassociated from the larger LGB community; in essence, we ask that organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Lambda Legal and media outlets such as The Advocate, Out, Huff Post Gay Voices, etc., stop representing the transgender community as we feel their ideology is not only completely different from that promoted by the LGB community (LGB is about sexual orientation, trans is about gender identity), but is ultimately regressive and actually hostile to the goals of women and gay men. . . .
The vilification and harassment of women and gay/lesbian individuals who openly express disagreement with the trans ideology; a simple disagreement over an issue can result in responses that range from insults (“transphobic bigot”) to threats of physical harm (often, in the case of women, rape) and even death . . .
The infringement of the rights of individuals, particularly women, to perform normal everyday activities in traditional safe spaces based on sex; this is most pernicious in the case of men claiming to be transgender demanding access to bathrooms, locker rooms, women’s shelters and other such spaces reserved for women. . . .

Radical feminist Cathy Brennan says David Salisbury is “harassing lesbians who signed the Drop the T petition,” showing a message in which Salisbury wrote:

And while we’re doing the work of calling out horrible transphobic “elders”, I present you with this, posted just a few days ago. Trying to take the “T” out of LGBT, and claiming that transwomen are actually men who are lying to get into spaces … that too is anti-trans violence that mustn’t be condoned. I ask us all to end this silence. If you support spaces where people like [name redacted] teach, ask yourself, is this really in line with your values?
I am proud to work for the organization that has authored the Equality Act. Because we will NEVER be equal unless we bring everyone along with us.

David Salisbury accuses “horrible transphobic ‘elders'” of engaging in “anti-trans violence” just because they don’t want men in dresses and wigs invading the women’s restroom. Meanwhile, David Marcus at The Federalist interviewed the gay man who authored the “Drop the T” petition:

Any attempt to rationally discuss issues that gays/lesbians/bisexuals are concerned about regarding the trans movement is met with unparalleled vitriol, harassment, death threats, and silencing—demanding that the person commenting contrary to the trans narrative be banned from forums, for example.
I know that lesbians have for several years been the object of attack from trans activists for their (rightful) desire to enjoy exclusively lesbian and women-only events such as the now shuttered Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, in the wake of the Stonewall brouhaha as well as the recent proliferation of stories about effeminate boys and masculine girls being directed by their parents and health professionals into the trans identity. So many gays and lesbians were “sissies” and “tomboys” as kids, I think they see themselves in these children and are concerned about them being directed down an inaccurate path.

Read the whole thing. This is a serious issue involving real human beings and, as with so many issues today, certain “progressives” (evidently including Hillary Clinton) want to exercise a totalitarian authority to tell us what to think and control what we are allowed to say. It’s like the climate change “consensus” — a clique of influential insiders have anointed themselves Official Experts, decided what the Correct Opinion is, and the rest of us are just supposed to nod our heads in mute assent. How dare we question the Official Experts?

When I first became aware of this conflict in January 2014, I had a lot of laughs about the absurdity of this conflict:

The Competitive Victimhood Derby is ultimately a zero-sum game, you see. There can only be one winner, and the transgender claim to equal victimhood is rejected by radical feminists, who view this as an attempt to usurp their own categorical claim.
It’s like a traffic jam on the Crazyville Road, where two politicized groups of wackjobs are compelled by the implicit logic of their arguments to fight each other for supremacy.

Over the past 22 months, however, I have come to appreciate the seriousness of this issue in the post-Obergefell era. The “vitriol, harassment [and] death threats” directed against Cathy Brennan and other radical feminists who refuse to back away from a scientific fact — i.e., female is a matter of biology, involving XX chromosomes — should alarm everyone who cares about truth. The ideology behind the transgender movement demands that we pretend that Bruce Jenner deserves recognition as “Woman of the Year.” Lunatics want to compel us to cooperate with their delusions, and we are condemned as hateful bigots if we refuse to play along with their make-believe game. So the “Woman of the Year” is 66 years old and has a penis, and you’re not even allowed to call him “Bruce” or mention that he is a grandfather.

Having examined this issue in depth (see “The Queering of Feminism: Why Does ‘Equality’ Require Promoting Perversion?”), I cannot be accused of ignorance in regard to these arguments, and I am indifferent to accusations of “hate.” One can scarcely have any opinion at all nowadays without being accused of “hate,” and the fact that these accusations are flung around so haphazardly should tell us that the Official Experts are afraid of honest debate. The question we should be asking is this: Who authorized these people to tell us what to think?

Are we going to listen to common sense, or are we going to listen to the High Priest of the Coven of the Spiral Moon?

David was first introduced to the Craft at the age of 11 by his stepmother, and then on a deeper more intentional level by a childhood friend at the age of 12. That same year, he began training with a friend’s family coven and initiated a year later.

That’s how you become a “human rights” advocate, I guess.

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  1. DeadMessenger
    November 19th, 2015 @ 1:42 am

    That was hilarious, by the way. Thanks. I needed that. I just haven’t been myself since the change in executive leadership at the Vitamix factory. When one is brought up to believe oneself to be the only one, then to find out…*sob*…I can’t go on. I feel as though everyone on the counter is staring at me. Thank God I had a cozy, or I might’ve been driven mad.