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Because @EllenPage Is Canadian, She Hates America and Wants Us All to Die

Posted on | June 16, 2016 | 60 Comments

“Extremely anti-gay, anti-bi, anti-trans rhetoric . . . is constantly creating a poisonous environment which leads to people hating themselves, people being violent towards one and other, to bullying, to abuse and it really needs to stop.”
Ellen Page, June 15, 2016

There is a certain “Reichstag fire” element in the reaction by Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) to the Orlando massacre. If you were a paranoid conspiracy theorist, you might be suspicious about how rapidly this crime — committed by a registered Democrat named Omar Mateen — was exploited to promote the Democrat Party’s agenda. However, as I often remind readers, liberalism is not a conspiracy, it’s a consensus: Everyone employed as a producer at CNN is a Democrat who therefore shares a a common set of core beliefs with all the Democrats employed at Harvard University, at the New York Times and in Hollywood. Republicans are deliberately excluded from working in higher education, the entertainment industry and the news media, and so this Democrat consensus produces a lockstep conformity so automatic that we may suspect that it is centrally planned by a secret cabal.

Yet the George Soros/David Brock/Sidney Blumenthal Axis of Progressive Evil doesn’t have that kind of power. They don’t need that kind of power, primarily because of how the Left has captured control of university campuses. Roger Kimball’s 1990 book Tenured Radicals and Dinesh D’Souza’s 1991 book Illiberal Education were prophetic warnings about how political correctness was being imposed in academia. Many conservatives reacted with mocking humor — “Hahahaha! Look at what these crazy kooks are doing!” — and failed to understand the significance of the Left’s academic hegemony, in terms of its long-term cultural influence. If socialism and atheism and other left-wing beliefs were being promoted by university faculty, and if students who opposed these beliefs were subject to punishment for speaking out against the Left, how long would it be before these intolerant “progressive” attitudes were diffused throughout the culture? College students were being quite literally indoctrinated by Marxist professors and taught to view opponents of socialism as evil.

Cultural Marxism produces an attitude of left-wing intolerance that routinely expresses itself through accusations of ThoughtCrime“racist! sexist! homophobe!” — which are often simply slogans. In many cases, these smears have no relation to the actual beliefs of the person targeted by such attacks. The Left uses “racist” as a synonym for Republican, and this attitude was already apparent in academia 25 years ago. We now find such reflexive partisanship everywhere in the news media and the entertainment industry, which are controlled by people who would never knowingly employ a Republican. To watch CNN now is like watching a 24/7 campaign commercial for Hillary Clinton, and none of the people who produce this Democrat propaganda — Chris Cuomo, Carol Costello, Brooke Baldwin, et al. — seem the least bit embarrassed by their work as dishonest partisan hacks. CNN’s deliberately misleading coverage of the Orlando massacre, which they refuse to treat as a terrorist act of Islamic jihad, is reflected in every other liberal media venue.

Ellen Page condemns ‘anti-LGBT rhetoric’
after Orlando shootings: ‘People are
struggling — they deserve to live freely’


Ellen Page on Orlando: ‘The reality is
violence towards LGBT people is a common thing’

Entertainment Weekly

You Need to Listen to Ellen Page’s
Powerful Statement About the Orlando Shooting


Ellen Page emotionally discusses
Orlando shooting with Chelsea Handler

Los Angeles Times

Notice how journalists rush to provide free publicity for an interview on a Netflix show between a not-very-popular host (Chelsea Handler) and a not-very-popular actress (Ellen Page), promoting a not-very-relevant argument. The murders committed by Omar Mateen were not a result of generic “anti-LGBT rhetoric,” but were a result of Islamic jihad.

It is not rhetoric that kills people, otherwise I would already be dead. As a heterosexual white male Christian, I am more or less constantly assaulted by hate rhetoric from Democrats, who are determined to rid the world of Christians, white people, heterosexuality and the Republican Party (not necessarily in that order). Feminist baby-killers denouncing “toxic masculinity” and ranting about “rape culture,” mobs of angry black protesters seething with anti-white rage, atheists trying to eradicate Judeo-Christian morality — this is the Democrat Party in 2016.

Democrats hate Jesus. Democrats hate America and the Constitution. Democrats hate motherhood. Democrats hate babies and the Bible and, if you are a Republican, Democrats hate you — personally.

Ellen Page is Canadian. Why are Americans expected to listen to a Canadian lecture us about “creating a poisonous environment”? Also, Ellen Page is extremely short — barely five feet tall. If liberals think Americans need to be lectured about what violent anti-gay bullies we are, why can’t they find a full-grown American lesbian for this job? Why are we being lectured by midget homosexual foreigners?

There are lots of reasons to ignore Ellen Page, but if she’s so concerned about “violence towards LGBT people” shouldn’t she be worried about the bloodthirsty Muslim fanatics who throw “LGBT people” off roofs? Why can’t Ellen Page be bothered to notice that the Orlando killer was a bloodthirsty Muslim fanatic who pledged his loyalty to ISIS?

No, Ellen Page’s hatred of American and Christians blinds her to the danger posed by bloodthirsty Muslim fanatics.

CIA Director: Islamic State Attempting
to Infiltrate the West Through Refugee Flows

441 Syrian Refugees Admitted to the U.S.
Since the Orlando Attack, Dozens to Florida

Who hates America more, Ellen Page or ISIS? It’s hard to say.

What we notice, in these situations, is how the liberal media narrative is always determined by the political interests of the Democrat Party. Do you think liberals actually care about anti-gay violence?

Thomasena Mitchell and Kiara Johnson.

A chef at an uptown Charlotte restaurant told police she was attacked Saturday by a woman who hurled anti-gay slurs then body-slammed her to the ground.
“Never have I ever felt so alone,” she said. “I had seven girls staring at me, looking at me, with hate in their eyes.”
Charlotte police charged two 17-year-olds with misdemeanor assault and have asked the FBI whether the girls could be charged under the federal hate crime law. . . .
She said the assault occurred as she and a co-worker were walking home after work early Saturday evening. She said they passed a group of six or seven females and one male on Trade Street between Tryon and Church. Without any provocation, she said, one of the women yelled out:
“Hey, are you a stud?”
A stud is a euphemism for a masculine-looking lesbian. . . .
She said the woman then screamed a string of derogatory statements, including: “You’re a faggot. … You’re a queer….” . . .
Police arrested two teenagers about an hour later. Capt. Mike Campagna said that earlier in the day police had received reports about the group harassing other people.
Thomasena Michelle Chisolm and Kiara Marie Johnson were charged with misdemeanor assault. . . .
Both girls have been arrested multiple times before, but most charges were dismissed. Johnson was found guilty of breaking and entering earlier this year, and is awaiting trial on a larceny charge. Chisolm faces a trial on possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Do you think CNN or the New York Times will notice a crime like this? No, of course not, because the perpetrators are black and the lesbian who got assaulted is white, and therefore it’s strictly local news.

The same principle explains why, when a bloodthirsty Muslim fanatic kills 49 people in Orlando, it’s not a story about the danger posed by bloodthirsty Muslim fanatic. Instead it’s an excuse to lecture Americans about how much we hate gay people. The principle that determines how the media covers such stories is always the same: “How can we report this in a way that helps the Democrat Party?” And this is why the media decides a Chelsea Handler interview with a not-very-popular actress is a Major News Story. The only people who hate America as much as liberals hate America are Canadians and ISIS, not necessarily in that order.



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  1. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    June 17th, 2016 @ 3:03 pm


  2. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    June 17th, 2016 @ 3:19 pm
  3. Jeanette Victoria ?????????
    June 17th, 2016 @ 5:50 pm


  4. Jeanette Victoria ?????????
    June 17th, 2016 @ 6:09 pm

    Here you go the ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio who blamed Christians

  5. Jeanette Victoria ?????????
    June 17th, 2016 @ 6:20 pm

    Here you go

  6. Jeanette Victoria ?????????
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  7. Daniel Freeman
    June 18th, 2016 @ 1:10 am

    If we assume that ISIS is (relatively) rational in picking its targets, who provides them with better success?

    If we assume that left is pink and smooth is green, what color is a D minor chord?

    The death cult called Islam inflames the simmering rage of omegas, and entrances depressed gammas with visions of grand gestures. And now they’ve been set free to choose their own targets.

    Jihadis were always emotional, but mark my words, Pulse is the new baseline for Muslim counter-rationality. From now on, you have to expect them to act like a vulgar goon cussing you out and assaulting you for calling him a vulgar goon. The Islamic metaperson has shut off its prefrontal cortex, as the ones that know better are actually encouraging the loons.

  8. Daniel Freeman
    June 18th, 2016 @ 1:15 am

    As I said above, I’m sure the anti-gun rhetoric would continue, but the MSM could not blame other social justice strawmen for the attack.

    Sure they could. They would blame Islamophobia. Yes that’s irrational, as if it’s the bully’s victim’s fault for inciting him by calling him a bully; but SJWs are exactly that irrational.

  9. Art Deco
    June 18th, 2016 @ 12:46 pm

    What gets you is that Canadians who proffer their opinions in fora like this very seldom offer anything but cookie-cutter complaints of a sort you might get from from a domestic Democrat like the President (a man bereft of original observations).

    Canada, like a man with an enlarged liver who just cannot stop drinking, does itself small injuries every day.

    1. First the Quebec elites ringmaster a destruction of that country’s unique culture and social relations, then substitute for it political particularism. They didn’t make a full about sovereign self-government when they really were a distinct society, then stand on ceremony in stupid ways after they’d begun behaving like decadent French-speaking Scandinavians (a path followed by Ireland, now no longer a worthwhile country, a generation later).

    2. Quebec and Anglophone Canada fall for a useless sociopath named Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who then contrives an ersatz ‘multi-culturalism’. In spite of having little or no electoral base in Quebec, the Conservative Party in Canada cannot seem to assert the interests and sentiments of Anglophone Canada and temporize (in sometimes stupefying ways).

    3. Among Trudeau’s initiatives is the ‘Human Rights’ tribunal system to suppress dissent and the idiot ‘patriated’ constitution.

    4. All this is supplemented with an inane immigration policy which functions as a species of economic planning in theory and seems to recruit a great many unassimilable Asians in practice.

    5. And now for a bit of farce: the prime minister’s chair is turned over to Trudeau’s dopey and ne’r do well son. (Whose main issue is legalizing maryjane, so his mother’s rap sheet grows at a slower pace).

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