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Feminism Is Anti-Male Hate Propaganda

Posted on | September 13, 2016 | 2 Comments


So I was scrolling through feminist blogs on Tumblr when I came across a post that began, “We can all easily agree that throughout history women and men were not equal.” To which I would reply:

  1. What do you mean by “equal”?
  2. Nobody lives “throughout history.”

Are these points obvious enough, or am I the only one who sees this? All talk about “equality” between men and women, especially in the context of history, should bring immediately to mind the fact that the vast majority of people who have ever lived were quite poor. Especially if you are judging from the standpoint of someone living in a 21st-century industrialized Western democratic society, you are applying to men and women a measurement of “equality” that is absurd. Go back scarcely 100 years, and my own ancestors in rural Alabama were plowing their farms with mules. They had neither electricity nor indoor plumbing. They drew their water from a well and cooked over a wood-burning stove. Do you think my grandfather and grandmother circa 1916 had time and leisure to worry about whether they were “equal”? They were both working from sunup to sundown, and when I say “working,” I mean hard, physical labor, not sitting in front of a computer in an air-conditioned office building.

This Tumblr blogger’s casual invocation of “history” perfectly illustrates how feminism functions as anti-male hate propaganda. Much like other hate movements and totalitarian ideologies, feminism uses the past to provoke an exaggerated sense of collective grievance. Whether or not she has been the victim of any particular form of discrimination, violence, etc., the feminist can always conjure up horrific examples from the past to justify resentment of “male privilege.” No matter how privileged she may be herself, or how long ago a particular atrocity happened, the tale of historic male evil serves to fuel a sense of collective outrage at what women (yes, all women) have suffered at the hands of men (yes, all men). Individual responsibility disappears in this feminist narrative, leaving us to deal only with the categories of male oppressors and female victims.

The Tumblr blogger’s litany of historic male evil continues:

We can all agree women did not have basic human rights, we can all agree they were living as a lower class, servant class, if they wanted to live they were forced to enter a marriage with a man, and then were forced into domestic labor, sexual labor, raising children, producing food and fabric for entire family, their labor was taken for granted, they were not paid, they did not have the rights to vote, to have real, paid jobs, to control their own bodies and decide how many children they give birth to or when. They were massively murdered by men who wanted a new, younger wife, they were commonly beaten and terrified into obeying, marital rape was legal, beating your wife was legal.
This is what men wanted, this was organized through the means of religion and socialization.

Really. Whether all this beating and raping and killing happened yesterday, or the day before yesterday, if it did not happen to you — as an individual — then you are not a victim of it. And if I did not beat, rape or kill you, then you cannot blame these crimes on me.

Bad enough that men have to put up with all the feminists screeching about Brock Turner as if every man on the planet is a scholarship athlete at Stanford. I’ve never been anywhere near Palo Alto, and I sure as heck don’t have $47,940 a year for tuition, so how am I to blame for Brock Turner? Never mind — all men are Brock Turner, according to Feminist Logic™ and no man can be permitted to claim innocence.

For our Tumblr feminist to say that, in the past, “women did not have basic human rights” requires us to ignore the fact that “human rights” are a quite modern concept. People simply didn’t think that way prior to the 19th century, and then only in European cultures, and there are still plenty of places in the world — including Iran and North Korea — where your “basic human rights” are absolutely meaningless.

If you are going to make “history” the basis of your arguments, it might behoove you to study history, and not just recite whatever version of it you picked up from reading Mary Daly or Andrea Dworkin, or from taking a Women’s Studies course. Perhaps you might try reading Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War. There you will learn that, when the Lacedaemonians captured Plataea in 427 B.C., they put to death every man in the city and “the women they sold as slaves.” Later, when the Athenians captured Melos, they killed every adult male “and made slaves of the children and women.” Considering that this was the common practice of war in Greece, one of the most civilized cultures in ancient history, what do you suppose life was like in less civilized cultures? Throughout thousands of years of history, humanity consisted of conquerors and the conquered, rulers and their subjects, and anyone who resisted the conquering power was subject to death or slavery.

It may be easy to take for granted the peace and prosperity we enjoy as Americans, but it is not wise to take it for granted. Rooting around in the past to find an excuse to feel sorry for yourself, to claim a share of collective victimhood in order to demonize others, is not the way to improve “basic human rights.” As I wrote nearly three years ago:

The various “-isms” of left-wing ideology are really just variations of a destructive anti-social nihilism, whose purpose was forever defined more than 150 years ago when, in their Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels declared: “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” Once you understand this profound hostility to social order — the misfit’s appetite for anarchy — then you realize that whatever grievance they complain of is really just a pretext. They do not actually wish to reform society. Rather, they seek revenge against society, and don’t care that others are harmed by their acts of destruction, except insofar as they actively desire such harm.

If the Left ever succeeds in destroying America, I suspect our young feminists will painfully discover their “basic human rights” mean even less to the rest of the world than they meant in ancient Greece.



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